Here are some of the Best Gaming Sites to Sign up with Right Now


Do you want to be able to play games online to your heartís content? Maybe you just want a couple of sites that you can sign up with so that you donít get bored at the weekend. Either way, you can find out whatever you need to know, right here.


The best thing about Miniclip is that you can easily sign up and when you do, you will be given access to tons of games, free of charge. Itís a competition to see who can get the highest score on some games and this adds to the fun even more. You can even play games that revolve around basketball or even soccer too, and this is ideal if you are a sports fan.

NetBet Online Casino

If you want to sign up with a gaming site that is reputable and reliable then you might want to look into the NetBet Online casino. Itís ideal if you want to take advantage of free bonuses and there are tons of different games for you to play. If you have never signed up with a casino before then this site is very easy to use too.

Armor Games

Armor Games are able to provide you with the best action games around. They arenít known for sporting games but that being said, their collection is still second to none. Their site is easy to use and it is also super easy for you to navigate from game to game. The action games that they have are more than enough to keep you entertained at a long weekend so if you want something that you can really sink your teeth into then donít be afraid to give this one a shot.


Kongregate is both enjoyable and positive. They have an absolutely huge range of games and they also support a huge range of developers too. They work with large and small companies and the community of players that they have is second-to-none. Of course, when you sign up with the site you will soon find that they have tons of badges and challenges available and that they are also able to provide you with tons of excitement.


Newgrounds is an American entertainment site but they quite often host games. They also have audio, movies and more, which can all be accessed through what they like to call portals. They have tons of good games and they are always adding new material too, so if you donít quite see what you need then you can easily ask the developers on there to try and post something.

Addicting Games

Miniclip is in competition with Addicting Games and for a very good reason. The games on there are super amazing and they are also fun too. Itís very easy for you to sign up and when you do, you will soon find that you have hours of fun at your disposal.

Image credit: Gaming via Faith Nyky/Shutterstock