Great Features to Look For In the Best Minecraft


Are you looking to play Minecraft server with friends? This is the best thing to do since it allows users to connect to a central machine hosting the game software for all other gamers to use. Before selecting the correct Minecraft server, it is helpful to consider the following factors and decide what best suits your situation. Read on.

Consider Minecraft Version

The two critical versions of Minecraft servers are Bedrock and java. Based on the ideal one that you are looking to use helps to settle on the ideal one. This is because the cost of various products in the Minecraft server list question could vary. Sometimes higher and sometimes lower.

The java version is the most trending Minecraft server version for Windows PC and Mac. When it comes to the Bedrock versions, also referred to as pocket mine or the pocket edition, it trends for devices including Android or IOS.

Therefore, the type of Minecraft server you prefer is crucial. Bedrock and java enthusiasts can only participate on one server. It is ideal to set up two servers if you opt for pocket editions and Minecraft java, which enhances the costs.

 Reasonable Pricing

The primary feature of Minecraft needs basic mechanics if you are looking to play with friends, so it requires a cost-effective plan. Additionally, an affordable plan may be based on how you intend to enjoy the game with friends or tips for making a server. For instance, when it comes to a peak player base of 200 for about $140 monthly, it is a cost you can simply recover in donations with your player base.

Number of Gamers

Trying to figure out the number of gamers to engage in your Minecraft server is essential. This is a challenging decision. However, as the server can take care of more gamers with extra RAM, the ideal estimate is 250MB OF ram per gamer.

Although fewer versions of Minecraft, such as 1.14+, are more memory intensive, you will require more memory based on the number of gamers. Besides, keep in mind that you can always downgrade on an upgrade with time.

Proximity to Gamers’ Geographical Area

As the location of your server impacts based on response time and speed, the geographical area of the individuals you are playing with must be considered when it comes to selecting a Minecraft server hosting.

That implies that if the Minecraft server’s location is nearer to the gamers, they need to expect quick data transfer. Besides, your game will load quicker if the server is adjacent to you. `

Therefore, before you decide on your Minecraft server hosting, it is crucial to try finding out where your target gamer base lives.

The Clock Support

Efficiency is crucial, and serving clients on time is the road to the success of any business. It also makes the availability of Customer support round the clock excellent and responsive. Moreover, as one of the most trending online and multiplayer games, Minecraft is extensive and needs a competent setup. However, all will depend on what you are looking for from the Minecraft server list. Hopefully this article helps you find the Best MinecraftServer.