10 games to try if you love Skyrim

We’re sure almost all of you must love The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and could not get enough of it. The beauty of open-world games is undisputed with a massive number of quests and endless possible results with a vast world. If you want to engage in other exciting games like the Skyrim, here are some of them:

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

 It is one of the best RPGs (Role Playing Games) in recent times, where you, as monster-slayer Geralt of Rivia, have to have the heir of the Cintra throne- Ciri. You’ll be thrown into monster fights, political unrest and so much more in the race to find her before the Wild Hunt. Like Skyrim, you can decide how to play your adventure in its rich world fit to burst with quests and areas for exploration driven by stories.

Witcher 3’s scope and depth create a memorable gaming experience, with spectacular beast battles and beautiful views to experience. There’s so much to explore that you can easily end up exploring the landscapes without getting to the main storyline for hours.

2. Elder Scrolls 4:

If you want to take a break from being the Dragonborn but still want more adventures in the Elder Scrolls world, the obvious choice should be the predecessor to Skyrim. Originally released in 2006, for its time Oblivion was revolutionary and still holds up very well today. You start as a prisoner that gets visited by Emperor Uriel Septim (voiced by Patrick Stewart), when you get thrown into an epic adventure to find the heir to Septim and get him on the throne. There’s also the little question of shutting down the Oblivion gates, which cause chaos by allowing nasty creatures to enter Tamriel’s land. Elder Scrolls has similar, but kind of more complex storyline, with combat and quests and locations to experience. If you loved Skyrim, this game is a must to try out.

3. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Just like Skyrim, you have the chance to choose your own journey and your pace in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the enchanting Link-shaped package. Link is woken up from a 100-year long sleep to a Hyrule that he doesn’t remember.  You have to help him recover his memories and save Hyrule. That is never an easy task, isn’t it? The world offers a vast array of events and challenges, as well as abilities to learn and different forms of combat to seek. While the Link’s weapons can eventually break, there are plenty of different weapons to mount and play around with, and if you’ve enjoyed cooking a storm in Skyrim or brewing potions, you’re bound to enjoy playing with the ingredients in the cooking pot at Link.

4. Dark Souls III:

If the role-playing elements that Skyrim offers do not really excite you, and you want more of a medieval combat alternative, your game of choice should be Dark Souls III. The game builds on the franchise’s last game and delivers a storyline like no other. You play in the game as The Ashen One who is on a mission to postpone the coming Dark Age by saving the First Flame from dying out. The dark and ominous design of the game complements the story perfectly, and gives players access to a ton of different weapons to take down anyone on their path. You’re going to enter a world with bigger worlds and even bigger enemies in Dark Souls III, and thanks to the quick game play and thrilling, nerve-wrecking battle (with extremely precise fighting controls) you’re going to be hard pressed to put this game down once you start playing it.

5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance:

Set in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the early 15th century, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is another great open-world RPG you can definitely try while looking for games like Skyrim. In the setting of Bohemia in Europe, Deep Silver’s RPG pulls you into the world of Roman Empire. The death of Emperor Charles IV has affected the once-shining kingdom badly, and war and corruption are pervading the land. As Henry the son of a Blacksmith, when your village is burned to the ground, life is turned upside down. You are unexpectedly thrown into a civil conflict that will help shape Bohemia’s destiny. Because it is in first person, in many respects it feels quite similar to the gameplay style of Skyrim, and its sword fighting mechanics are a cut above many.

6. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen:

Capcom’s open-world action adventure has in common with Skyrim one very obvious thing: dragons. You assume the role of the Arisen, a character whose heart is robbed of a dragon and reborn to kill the same beast. You’ll navigate dangerous dungeons in its wonderful setting of Gransys Island and battle several different monsters of all shapes and sizes-so if you’re missing the dragon battles already, Dragon’s Dogma will satisfy that need. So if you’re someone who loves to spend hours designing your character, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of customization options for creating character to help you nail your Arisen look. The combat is no different from Skyrim’s, with specializations to choose from and skill sets to progress. How you fight depends entirely on you. It has plenty of suspense and mystery and the range of enemies you face makes this fresh and exciting.

7. World of Warcraft:

World of Warcraft commonly known as WoW is the best MMORPG. The game has one of the most rich and detailed plots that you’ll ever see in a game. Specific NPC (Non-playable Characters) tell you the greatest stories. Teaming up with the Warcraft universe’s greatest heroes and taking down even the greatest villains is what makes this game a pure pleasure. If you’re searching for a vast world to conquer with loads of quests and a bucket load of monsters, then World of Warcraft is your game. In this classic yet exciting game you can customize your character in any way you like and embark on the biggest adventure of your life. New expansion soon launches, and it brings back some of the best characters in the game.

8. Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Even if you haven’t previously played a Dragon Age title, we recommend picking up Dragon Age: Inquisition because it’s one of the best games in the whole series. You start as the character who has the power to seal off numerous breaches throughout the world. Your goal is to address the civil unrest triggered by those infringements. Through the breaches there are demons coming into the world and you have to close them all along with your band. Level up your character skills and enhance them. Choose from a different race of heroes with each race having unique powers and capabilities. Also, in multiplayer coop mode, you can team up with your friends and destroy the demons together.

9. Divinity: Original Sin 2:

Bethesda’s richly crafted Elder Scrolls universe adds to the immersive feel of the world of Skyrim, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 succeeds in doing just that with its highly detailed Rivellon setting. The gap has torn open in the wake of the Death of the Divine and Voidwoken has begun to pop up in the world. As a sorcerer who can manipulate the source (a form of energy which is not unlike magic), you are on an epic journey to become the next Divine. Although in nature it’s not open-world, the variety of choices you can make really makes you feel like your own adventure command. You can either build your own character from scratch or choose to play as one of five pre-made protagonists, each with a story and abilities of their own birth. Just like Skyrim, depending on your protagonist’s ethnicity the world reacts differently to you. The brilliant story of Divinity, countless possibilities for dialogue, skill sets and scripting elements all serve to make it one of the most engrossing RPGs today.

10. Horizon Zero Dawn:

The beautiful snowy mountainous landscapes and rolling grassy hillsides of Horizon Zero Dawn set the scene for one of the most exciting and interesting stories to date in an open world RPG. In a post-apocalyptic world populated by mysterious robotic creatures, you play as Aloy, a hunter. Treated by neighboring tribes as outcasts, Aloy is setting out to discover its true story of origin. Through various powers and effects, Aloy will take on the robotic monsters through craftable bows, arrows, and traps. There’s so much to explore and discover to be found, with fun side quests, diverse characters and many, many collectibles.