Fan of Skyrim Game? Here are Some Games Like Skyrim You Must Know About!


If you’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for a long time so you know how wonderful it can be to discover a vast world filled with various quests and possibilities. That’s the appeal of open-world games because, at your leisure, you will explore the world and take on journeys. If you’d like to play more games like Skyrim, then you’re right there. Today we’re bringing you some of the absolute best games like Skyrim that will provide you with a vast world to explore and lots of exciting gameplay elements. Below are the 15 greatest games like Skyrim all should enjoy, at least once.

1. Middle Earth: Shadow of war

Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the successor to the famous Middle-earth: Mordor’s Shadow, is a fantastic game you certainly can play if you’re searching for some alternative games like Skyrim. Like its precursor, the game is set in the fantasy world produced by J.R.R. Tolkien in his series The Lord of the Rings, which brings players on an epic adventure full of magic and monsters. The game continues the narrative set in Mordor’s Shadow and puts players in Talion’s shoes, which still harbors the elf lord Celebrimbor’s spirit.

Shadow of War isn’t so distinct from Shadow of Mordor when it comes to playing, but the game utilizes the new Nemesis technology to carry story storylines to life. You’ll go to the city of Mordor behind enemy lines and use your skills and strategy to turn Mordor against the dark lord Sauron in an epic game filled with things like elves, dwarfs, witches and, obviously, the goal of conquering enemy-filled fortresses. The game offers a massive, interactive open world for players similar to games like Skyrim and is a must-have for any movie or novel fan.

2. Dragon age: inquisition

If you’ve tried the franchise’s previous Dragon Age games, then you need to know how polished those games are actually. Even if you haven’t played a game of Dragon Age before, we recommend picking up Dragon Age: Inquisition because it’s one of the best games in the whole series. You start as the hero who has the power in the world to seal off numerous breaches. Your mission is to resolve the civil unrest caused by those infringements. Through the breaches, demons are coming into the world. You have to close them all along with your party. Level up your character skills and enhance them.

Choose from a different race of heroes, with each possessing unique powers and abilities. You can also team up in online co-op mode with your mates and together defeat the demons.

3. The elder scrolls: oblivion

Although games like Skyrim is without question the most popular game in the Elder Scrolls series, it’s not the only game worth playing. If you’ve only enjoyed games like Skyrim and none of the other series games, you probably can try them out. The Elder Scrolls IV: Forgetting is one such title that is worth playing in the series. Compared to Skyrim like games, it may look a little dated, but the gameplay and storyline are as good, if not better. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion offers out there the best Skyrim-like setting, rendering it a must-have for all fans of Skyrim like games.

The game even uses AI to add life to non-playing characters, each of which has its own stories and goals that it completes on its own— it’s pretty impressive and gives the game a very realistic feel. You’ll find yourself in an immersive world of the first person in The Elder Scrolls IV, complete with awe-inspiring combat and magic. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion offers settings similar to games like Skyrim, rendering it a must-have for all the fans of Skyrim like games.

4. Dark souls games like Skyrim 

If you’re not involved in the role-playing mechanics that provides, and you’re looking for an alternative that focuses more on medieval combat, then you shouldn’t skip Dark Souls III. The game expands on the franchise’s last title and gives you a plot like no other. You play in the game as The Ashen One, who is on a quest to stop the coming Dark Age by protecting the First Flame from burning out. The dark and sinister nature of the game complements the story entirely and gives players access to a lot of different weapons to take down anyone on their route.

You will enter a bigger world with bigger enemies in Dark Souls III. Also, you should thank for the quick gameplay and thrilling, nerve-wracking battle (with exact fighting controls), which you are going to be hard-pressed to put this game down once you start playing it. Consider Dark Souls III if you are looking for an alternative to games like Skyrim, which provide arguably better battle mechanisms and a similarly riveting line of plot.

5. The witcher 3

One of last year’s Best games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set the bar for other role-playing games too high. Some of the great things this game has to offer are the overall atmosphere, fantastic communication, dynamic combat system, and a vast universe ready for discovery. Command Geralt, and use his powers to fight against everything wrong. Use swords or magic, whatever you like, and fight the monsters

6.  Kingdom come: deliverance,  games like Skyrim

It was set in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the 15th century; Kingdom Come: Deliverance is another great open-world RPG you should try if you’re looking for games like Skyrim! The game puts players in the shoes of Henry, the son of a blacksmith, who is the army of Luxembourg’s Sigismund brutally massacres the village and family. Henry, fuelled by revenge, vows to put an end to the murder of his parents and heads forward on an adventurous journey filled with bloodshed. Apart from a riveting plot, the game features almost all the components you’d expect in an interactive action RPG, which is good enough for you to get it right away.

7. Neverwinter, Games Like Skyrim

Remember the classic games at Dungeons & Dragons? Books? Books? The criticisms? Well, you don’t even need to remember any of those to enjoy the fantastic Neverwinter game taking part in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, you can choose any of 8 different classes. That class has different abilities and powers, which you can improve with the advancement of character. Team up at a party with your friends to raid the dungeons and kill monsters. Loot powerful weapons and artifacts, and indulge in Neverwinter’s rich story that keeps improving with every new update. It is like playing your Xbox World of Warcraft.

8. The elder scrolls outline

Enthusiasts for games like Skyrim, who are searching for an experience comparable but on a much larger scale, will undoubtedly go ahead and buy The Elder Scrolls Online–a new MMORPG set in the same universe. The game features many facets of a perfect role-playing game. It includes an ever-expanding universe that’s also filled by thousands of other players from around the world. The game brings the same amount of flexibility that Elder Scrolls promises so that your character will appear precisely the way you want it.

The game lets you pick and choose the abilities you’re studying, the weapons you’re using, and create your play style. You start in the game to recover your lost soul and save the world. In any part of the massive world, you can pick and choose stories to experience, plus, you can play epic PvP campaigns or engage in simple PvE exploration.

9. World of warcraft

World of Warcraft, commonly called WoW, is the greatest out there MMORPG. The game has one of the best and most complete stories in a game you’ll ever see. Various NPC (Non-Playable Characters) tell you the best stories. Teaming up with the Warcraft universe’s greatest heroes and taking down even the biggest villains is what makes this game pure enjoyment. If you’re searching for a vast world to conquer with loads of missions and a bucket load of monsters, then World of Warcraft is your game. In this iconic and exciting game, customize your character in any way you like and embark on the biggest adventure of your life. The new expansion is soon coming, and it brings back some of the most dynamic characters in the game.

10. Divinity 2

Divinity 2 focuses on some of the core elements of popular games such as Diablo and WoW. Such components provide equipment upgrades, enchanting equipment, etc. However, the gameplay is quite different, because action and the whole hack n slash thing is the main objective. Completing quests, solving puzzles, and beating enemies allow you to experience it. The more you progress, the better you will be able to develop your character just like any out there RPG. You can spell necromancy to summon a monster to fight alongside you, to create your potions for various effects, and more. A vast world of NPCs offers quests, and you can explore the world, complete quests and earn respect

11. Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma may be a game of the last decade, but it has received so many positive reviews from different players and publications that it is a must-play for everybody in the genre. The game is part of an open-world universe where you can wander and search at your convenience when you want to. Choose your party, and it depends on which faction you choose to become the strongest Knight, Wizard, Gladiator, etc. Each faction has a different kind of fighting system that gives it a unique feel.

You can play with Party members controlled by AI who obey your commands and assist you in your quests. The game is quite close to games like Skyrim as well as Capcom’s own Monster Hunter series, which makes it a worthy game everyone should play.

12. Kingdom of Amalur

Since publishing this title, the creators behind this game went bankrupt, but frankly, it is one of the best single-player role-playing games out there. Within this almost 22 different abilities, you get so many choices in each class. Those attributes can be improved, and the character strengthened to evolve into the ultimate warrior or mage. The fighting system is based on a counter-system; you have to click the button to execute combos just like a game of battle. In this game, you can do whatever you want, and every move will end up having its repercussions. It is like the fantasy world GTA and certainly a must-play for everybody.

13. Fallout 4

When you’re searching for games like Skyrim that aren’t feudal focused, then you certainly can take a peek at Fallout 4 –an exciting adventure RPG that has a post-apocalyptic setting. In Fallout 4, you emerge from a safe underground vault in search of your lost son, many years after nuclear war ravaged the surface. The game features an impressive storyline, countless side quests and customization that will keep you hooked to the game. But don’t get too involved with the main storyline, because you need your help from another settlement.

14. The Witcher 2: assassin of kings

The main protagonist in this game is Geralt of Rivia, and he is a witcher. He used his sword-fighting abilities and witchcraft to kill monsters in the kingdom to cause trouble. You are wrongly accused of murdering the king, and now it’s your job to break out of jail and prove your innocence by catching the real kingslayer (though not Jaime). If you haven’t played The Witcher 2, then you definitely should try before picking The Witcher 3. The story goes from game to game and will make your gameplay experience even better.

15. Eternium, Games like Skyrim

Completing the list is another excellent role-playing title you can enjoy on your mobile devices if you’re searching for games like Skyrim expertise but don’t have the hardware to play any of the games mentioned above. Eternium allows you to take on the part of a shaman, fighter, or bounty hunter and use a variety of weapons and skills to take down ghosts, demons, and a lot of other monsters. The game features three beautifully built environments that you can visit along with your friend, whom you must first save as part of the mainline of the plot.

On top of that, the game also includes a Trials of Valor game mode where you can play randomly generated stages after the main storyline is over. However, the best part of Eternium is the fact that you can play all of the games offline, which is perfect for anyone who has no unlimited data plan for their mobile devices.

Now is the time to knee down that arrow and take a break from games like Skyrim for a while. The games mentioned above should be enough to keep you busy for a long time and make your mind off games like Skyrim.