Fantasy Knight Run : Original game released by Alter Turbo

Fantasy Knight Run . . . . Grow and subdue the dragon! Original game released by Alter Turbo Co., Ltd.!

IT venture Orturbo Co., Ltd. Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Tomonori Nakamura, has started distributing the dragon subjugation run game app “Fantasy Knight Run” for iOS / Android from December 16, 2020.

Fantasy Knight Run

What is “Fantasy Knight Run”

It is a casual game that aims to subdue the dragon while running, gathering friends and growing. Gather many friends and defeat the dragon while avoiding obstacles along the way! It is a simple run game with growth factors.

Fantasy Knight Run

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Game details : Fantasy Knight Run

? Simple run game

Easy operation by swiping left and right and pressing and holding to proceed. The game is over when all the friends are wiped out during the advance or in the dragon battle!

? Gather friends while running

The start is to advance alone and form a knight group while gathering friends. Keep the big knights and advance while avoiding obstacles!

Fantasy Knight Run

? Overcome obstacles

Various obstacles such as giant hammers, thorns, and round saws appear during the advance. Let’s aim for the goal by making full use of the movement of the knights and the timing of the advance!

? Win the standing dragon

At the end, a battle occurs with the boss and his companion. Defeat the boss with many friends and save the princess!

? Level up with coins

Reward coins can raise the level of player’s attack power and physical strength. Level up and defeat the boss who gets stronger as you progress! ?

Future development for Fantasy Knight Run The company is planning to add player skins, variations of friends such as wizards and spearmen, and variations of new obstacles and