Everything about CS GO Skins

Dragon Lore

The age of video games started in the 1970s as the entertainment packages shifted from the TV shows to the TV games. As the name implies, the games had a video display and the controls were in the hands of the players. Since then, they have faced many alterations and developments and have reached the current state where you can play a game on your computer or on smartphones. Not only this, but they are also now so advanced in technology that you can play with your peer groups even though they are not beside you at that particular time. The online version of the game has opened lots of windows of possibilities that can help gamers in other ways too. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

It is one of the most favorite games of the current generation to play. The mind-blowing visuals and the apt background scores help the game to be one of the most favored games by gamers all over the world. The game was first introduced in the 1990s by the Valve Corporation. Since then after many up-gradations, the game has reached its 4th generation and it is named Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Here you will be divided into two teams as one of the terrorists and the other of the anti-terrorist squads. Both the teams have pre-assigned tasks and they have to complete that before the opponent or the time. Here the players can get several interesting skins which though dont have any impact on the game but they are very much in demand from the players. If you are a gamer, you can get them during the progress of the game. You also may get skins if you log into the official site of the competitions of CS: GO and stay logged in till the end. You can buy, sell or trade on these skins and earn real money for it.

Where to Buy the CS: GO Skins?

Skins are available in many other games too but the ways to get them are a bit different in the CS: GO. Here in this game you can actually buy or sell the skins for real money. There are drops in the game every now and then and you can get skin from there. But the skins you get from there are not worth that much and it happens very rarely that someone gets an expensive skin from the in-game drops after the game. So there is a way to buy the skins from the market of Steam Community which is officially designed by the Valve Corporation. If you ever want to withdraw your money invested in buying skins, you can sell them also and can obtain the amount in your bank account through various online payment options.

Sins are generally dropped in weapon cases and if you have the courage to take chances, then you can buy the weapon cases from the steam market. There are chances of getting expensive skins within them, but at the same time, you may lose your money also.

Types of Skins

You can have six different types of skins in the game which are classified as per their rarity. Consumer-grade skins are very common to drop in the games while you will rarely get a Covert skin dropped in the game. The Covert skin is also very expensive and most of the players like it to put on the dragon lore during the progress of the game. The weapon cases may contain a Covert skin but they will not contain any Consumer or industrial grade skin. The Yellow skins can give you the knives and gloves and it is the indication that you have hit the CS: GO jackpot. The yellow skins are even rarer than the red gun skins.


You can get 5 different types of wears of each of the skin varieties. The Factory New wears are the cleanest wears as they are designed most recently. On the contrary, the Battle-Scarred skins are the most torn up skins containing lots of scratches. The floats or the wears are the indicators of how much worn a particular skin is. While you are thinking to trade with your skins then you will get different market places for each of the float values. Not every skin has all the float values so each and every skin is not available in each float market.

Stickers/Name Tags

There are options for stickers to stick on the skins of your choice. You can stick 4 stickers maximum to them which you like. They are available in the CS: Go market and you can buy them for a reasonable price. You can also get capsules of stickers like the case of skins in the game. The stickers may contain a picture of wild animals as well as monsters. 

Valve Corporation has customized the game to that extent where you can put a name tag on the weapons for just $2.15 and the name should not exceed 20 characters. So even if you buy the simplest skin from the steam market, you can customize it endlessly.

Stay Sharp

The black shadow of hacking is also available here in the CS: GO market. Your account can also be hacked and scams can be conducted by the hackers. Like the other hackers, here also they trap you by lucrative ads and attractive offers. These may be traps for you to hack your account. Mostly the hackers run after your skins. So if you are getting lucrative offers on rare items and discounts, then you need to be cautious. Here are some common ways in which the scammers can trap you.

  • Some offers may claim that their items are super rare and they are offering discounts.
  • Offers to copy your skins and double the amount for you.
  • The buyer is willing to pay you more than the cost of the skin but first, they want to inspect the skins.
  • Some may claim that Valve wants to work on your profile and ask for login permission.