Escape from Tarkov: Hardcore Shooter appears for Consoles

Escape from Tarkov who is a hardcore shooter appears for consoles. On Twitch, COO Nikita Buynov revealed that conversion for consoles is in progress. The title is still in the early access phase for PC.

Players are not only facing the sun, but also a console relocation. Players are facing not only the sun but also a console relocation.

So far, the hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov has only been available for the PC since 2017. In a Battlestate Games speech on Twitch about the plans for 2021, COO Nikita Buyanov now revealed that the title is also planned as a console version.

Buyanov keeps a Low Profile

When will Escape from Tarkov be released for consoles? Unfortunately, Buyanov was unable to elicit any more details. So it remains uncertain whether Escape from Tarkov will be released for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Buyanov also held back on the release date. The development studio will only provide further details when the time is right.

However, since the PC version is still in the Early Access phase, we can assume that we will initially concentrate on the PC version before the versions for consoles are submitted later. Accordingly, the console version should only appear in a long time, which means that a next-gen consoles release is very likely.

Where should We Escape to?

Escape from Tarko, a first-person shooter that fans lovingly refer to as a challenging and exciting hardcore shooter. The title has been in the Early Access loop since 2017, which is why players have been criticizing a full release.

In the game, you have to escape the fictional city of Tarkov by joining one of the two conflicting organizations. To do this, you have to collect various objects in seven levels and eliminate opponents who can be both human and AI-controlled.

Escape from Tarkov has some RPG elements. So you can individualize your character and improve it permanently. The items collected in a round can only be kept if the character manages to reach the exit before the time runs out.

Full Release Far Away

Escape from Tarkov is still far from stepping out of the Early Access phase. The title is so far, about 60 to 65 per cent completed. There should no longer be an open beta, as a wave of cheaters is feared.