Casino trends and changes to look out for

Casino trends

Because of the sheer amount of money that goes into and comes out of the online casino industry (also known to many as the iGaming industry), it brings in some of the best developers, and as a result, some of the freshest ideas in any area of tech.

The online casino industry is at the forefront of trends and changes that inspire many other professional areas, so even if youíre not interested in the casino games themselves, itís interesting to see some of the ideas they come out with.

Some of the trends weíll be taking a look at today might not apply to other walks of life but some certainly will. Stick around as we spill the beans on some of the hottest casino trends and changes of recent times.

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Payments with cryptocurrency

Somehow, many businesses that handle large amounts of money (namely e-commerce) just havenít embraced paying with cryptocurrencies to the extent many of us thought they would.

But there are actually a lot of benefits to making payments using the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum that a lot of businesses and entire industries seem to fail to recognize.

For example, thereís the element of anonymity. Being able to pay for things without having to hand over any personal information, such as a credit card number or even your name, is very appealing to some people, and we can see why.

Online casinos are aware of this, though. Many online casino sites allow you to pay with all manner of crypto and itís actually often the case that these sites do better than others as a result of this.

The only downside of doing this is the sheer volatility of the currencies. This can prove risky for both player and site Ė maybe thatís why other businesses are staying away with it. You just never know whatís going to happen to the exchange rate with these things!

Live dealer performances

Why is it only online casinos that allow you to interact with a real human being as you play games? We know itís a lot of fun yet other businesses havenít picked up on it.

The answer to this question is probably simply the amount of money that changes hands with online casinos. This makes it worthwhile for the businesses. But wouldnít it be cool to see a real human being incorporated into your video games, maybe using AR?

Live casino games are often roulette or blackjack or another table game. You donít really get them with slots, as this just wouldnít work. The dealer will deal real-life cards or spin the ball into a real roulette wheel, while you join in via a video stream. This helps you feel like you are really present in the casino!

Making movement with virtual reality

Nowadays, a number of online casino sites are allowing players to play using virtual reality devices. This is a very exciting turn of events. While it isnít exclusive to online casinos, of course, the use of VR in casinos is certainly inspiring developers in other fields of gaming and more.

In fact, some online casino sites are entirely based on VR. Theyíll let you actually take a virtual walk around a virtual casino. Couple this with the live dealer games we just mentioned and soon there wonít be any point in heading out of the house!

Out of the box thinking with slot machines

A very inspiring way in which casino game developers have thought out of the box is with online slot machines. The pure game mechanics with slots are very impressive most of the time, in a couple of ways.

Firstly, thereís the random number generator or RNG for short. The mathematics of this thing determines who does and who doesnít win and by how much they do win. It requires a lot of algorithms and a lot of brains to program.

Then thereís the bonuses, which make the RNG even more confusing. On top of free spins, there are grab me games, ladder games and more. They certainly make the games a lot more fun to play, that we can say for sure.