Call of Duty Warzone: App should help against Cheaters

Call of Duty Warzone continues to suffer from severe cheater problems. Call of Duty Warzone has been fighting a cheater problem for a long time.

However, scammers are always finding new ways to gain an unfair advantage. A companion app is supposed to warn you about cheaters, but inadvertently caused anger and frustration in the lobbies.

A companion app for Call of Duty Warzone should help identify cheaters. However, gamers found a way to cheat with her.

What does the app do?

The companion app for Warzone informs you before the start of roundabout players in your lobby who have a noticeable kill/death ratio. So they have disproportionately more kills than they allowed themselves to be timed. But the application also draws your attention to other conspicuous statistics.

Abuse for Simple Matches

However, players used to withdraw from the game with impunity before the actual start of a game. If the app shows that they would have to compete against too many good players, they leave the warm-up. As a result, they partially bypass the intended matchmaking and search specifically for lobbies with weaker players. Because of this possibility, the app was heavily criticized.

Personal data can be transmitted to third party platforms. Dmitry Shmyko, the Companion App developer, has already responded to the criticism because he did not use it for such activities. Therefore you can now only view the kill/death ratio after the warm-up and the average values ??at the end of a match.

“Which is a bit sad, the discussion is focused on finding ways to cheat, but not on the advantages and positives of the app. Cheaters are one of the biggest problems of Warzone and gaming itself. We wanted to help the community and gamers who scored very high in the previous match and offer a tool so that players can see that they were simply victims of a lucky hit. “

So the app should again fulfil its actual purpose. The main idea is to track suspicious players with the observer camera to report them if they are indeed fraudsters.