Bitcoin & the Retro Aesthetic

The golden bitcoin on keyboard

It might seem strange to those outside the crypto circles, but the Bitcoin community is often heavily involved in different trends that sweep the world. Currently, an interesting trend that Bitcoin users seem to be going for is the retro aesthetic. Throwbacks to some of the good times of the past aren’t exactly a novel trend, but they seem to be making a resurgence with Bitcoin enthusiasts at the helm! From fashion to entertainment, the retro aesthetic is a growing hit online, and if you’re looking to use your Bitcoin to jump aboard the hype train, here are a few ways to do it.

Old-School Video Games

Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most popular activates in the world right now. It’s easy to enjoy video games today, as the modern era of gaming tends to keep everyone in mind when genres and interests are in question. There’s something out there for everyone, and the incredible advancements in the tech field certainly help keep the gaming hype alive. Of course, modern gaming isn’t what we’re looking at right now, but the old-school classics that have helped shape entire generations!

Older PC games seem to be all the rage right now. While some console classics seem to be selling like hotcakes as well, Bitcoin users are mainly focusing on the most accessible gaming platform out there. If you want to revel in some nostalgia for a while, you can find these games and more by visiting Bitcoin-friendly online shops like Keys4Coins. Another option is to give the arcade-inspired Bitcoin games a shot. These browser-based minigames are loads of fun and might even earn you some Bitcoin.

Visiting Historic Locations

This part of our retro Bitcoin tour can get a bit pricy, so you might want to make some more Bitcoin before giving it a shot. An excellent way to top-up your Bitcoin savings without putting in much effort is by trying out automated trading software like the Bitcoin Champion app Thanks to these apps, users can start trading Bitcoin without any previous knowledge or experience in the activity. The software uses advanced AI technology to do all the hard work by researching the investment options available and taking them when possible!

Once you’ve secured enough Bitcoin to treat yourself to a bit of luxury, you can use it to go on a world tour of historical locations! With massive travel booking platforms like Expedia and CheapAir taking Bitcoin Payments, Bitcoin users are free to travel anywhere they want! Since you’re following the retro aesthetic, it makes sense to map out a tour of some important historical locations and iconic landmarks. Other than broadening your horizons, these exciting trips are sure to do wonders for your social media feed!

The Vintage Fashion Comeback

Fashion trends seem to come and go all the time, and like all of them do at some point, the vintage look is back again to rule the streets. There’s never been a better time to dress like your grandparents, so sift through some old family photos and get ready to rock the iconic looks you happen to run into. When it comes to shopping vintage fashion, the Bitcoin-friendly online retail platform Etsy is the place to be.

Whether it’s clothing, home décor, or random knickknacks, Etsy is a vintage dream. Plenty of shops on the platform carry every piece you need to put together a jaw-dropping vintage outfit. Do some research on what works well when vintage fashion is in question and start combining the best items from various shops. Everything you need to look like a 50s movie star is right there, all you need to do is tie it all together!