Bitcoin Games – The New Games on the Block

Bitcoin cryptocurrency digital money concept. Robot computer mining electronic cash.

Since the gaming industry is constantly looking to improve itself it keeps an eye out for all kinds of trends it can implement. It does so because it needs to cater to the various needs of the many gamers across the world. As a result of this, the industry offers various kinds of games as well as devices to enjoy them on. In other words, when technology improves it offers better hardware.

This means that PCs, consoles, and mobile devices will improve as well and they will be able to run better games. The games will get better as developers will have better technology available. This is what keeps the gaming industry on top. By implementing various trends, mobile gaming became the next big thing and the mobile gaming industry is huge nowadays.

Bitcoin is a current trend that has a lot of potential. Besides revolutionizing financial markets all over the world it changed the way people look at money. Thatís why more and more companies are making it a viable payment method. Bitcoin already has a place in the gaming industry as such a payment method, but itís also an inspiration for developers. They have already produced a couple of titles on the market. If this seems like your cup of tea, then here are some titles you can try out:

Bitcoin Flip

If youíre interested in crypto trading or Bitcoin trading in particular then youíll need an app that will teach you the basics. In other words, Bitcoin Flip is the app for you as it offers Bitcoin trading training as well as training for trading with other cryptocurrencies. Youíll get all kinds of tools and charts to learn from. However, if Bitcoin trading seems like too much for you, then you can always go for a trading platform.

Bitcoin Profit is one such platform, and it can help you with Bitcoin trading. It essentially does anything a trader would do but it bases its actions on user input and a sophisticated algorithm. In other words, youíll need to set the platform before you start trading, and before you do that youíll need to go over the training by going through the tutorials and a demo lesson. When this is done, youíll go for your first live session as you set the platformís settings. Afterward, youíll be free to adjust the settings however you want.

Spark Profit

Spark Profit is a bit similar to the previous game in that itís also a simulator. In this game, youíll need to guess or make predictions on real-time markets like Forex Trading or cryptocurrency markets. The more accurate your predictions are the more points youíll get. This means that youíll be able to get more points transferred into a certain Bitcoin amount as a reward for your efforts. So, itís a game that teaches you a valuable skill and rewards you as you get better at it.

Satoshi Quiz

This is a quiz game that features questions from all kinds of categories. So, if youíre looking to test your knowledge. The more questions you answer the better off youíll be. Thatís because youíll have more points for yourself and as a result, your prize will be bigger. When it comes to the prizes, they are in Bitcoin and if you prove yourself as a knowledgeable individual then youíll win some Bitcoin.


These 3 games are just some of the many Bitcoin games available on the market. As the industry likes to improve, Bitcoin will play an important role in the evolution. It will inspire more titles to come as the popularity of the virtual currency increases and the number of Bitcoin users and traders rises. This will result in a rise in the demand for Bitcoin titles.