Best Quick-Play Mobile Games

We’ve all been there: we have ten minutes to burn and only our phone on hand. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to read, other times you can call a friend, but now and again, you just want to enjoy a mobile game.

If you’re short on time, then ensuring that you can get to the end of a level without messing up a perfect score should be high on your list. The following quick-play mobile games will make sure you can fit maximum game time into a tight window.

Experience The Thrill of the Casino

Many casino games are popular with a quick-play gamer, as they’re simple to pick up and put down. Slot machine games require just a few taps of the button, while online roulette needs one spin of the wheel. More involved card games can take a few minutes per round, but you’re unlikely to stick around for hours!

The downside with some mobile casino sites is that you’re required to pay to play. After all, you’ve got to be in it to win it. With that said, pay to play games can be slow to start if you don’t have the time to enter your bank account details on every visit. Apart from having to find your card, the data entry alone takes up valuable game time. However, PayPal casino mobile sites will allow you to play without the fuss of adding your bank account so they’re a nice option if you have only a few minutes to spare.

With that tip under your belt, you’ll have no problem fitting in all the fun of the casino into your daily commute, or that spare five minutes that’s left at the end of your lunch break. Even those who aren’t super familiar with casino games can usually find something that piques their interest. The great thing about mobile casino sites is that there is something for everyone, so find your game, practice your strategy, and enjoy yourself.

Boost Your Brain Power

Not only is learning a language useful, it’s also great fun if you have a language app!

Playing slots is great fun, but some gamers want to get their gray matter working as well. So much research has been done into the enormous benefits of learning a language, that it would almost be crazy not to try.

It forms new synapses in the brain, which could help fend off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The other enormous benefit is that you’ll have at least one other country you can visit, with no fluency issues! Pick a widespread language like Spanish and you could jet off to loads of new destinations.

There are various websites and mobile applications that will enable you to learn a new language. However, one that will guide you through the process in easily digestible chunks is Memrise. This language learning module comes as both a website and an app, so you can learn wherever you are. Some lessons allow you to watch native speakers, so you quickly grasp pronunciation and intonation.

Besides being educational, Memrise is also great fun. The lessons are well mixed up, so sometimes you’ll be playing a five-minute mini-game. Other times you’ll be deciphering a story in your new language, or translating a speech. Making our memories work in these different ways means that this method of learning is far more likely to be successful – and if you can fit it into your morning routine, even better!

Create Your Own World

Free world-building games are becoming increasingly popular, but there was one game in particular that started the trend, Minecraft. This game is available on both iOS and Android and offers hours of fun. Although you need a little while to get your world started, it’s also possible to check-in for the odd 5 minutes here and there. You can make progress each time and soon you’ll be running around in your dream world.

The graphics are simple and the world is heavily pixelated, but there’s a certain charm to it. The simplicity of the graphics allows this game to be free-form so it will suit creative types. In fact, there is a Creative Mode, which will allow you to demolish and build undisturbed. Having total control over your own gameplay experience is freeing.

If you’re feeling a little daring then Survival Mode can be activated. This enables a whole hoard of monsters to attack your home and you need to defend yourself. For the thrill-seekers amongst us, survival mode is a must. However, you take to the Minecraft experience, it’s one that should be tried. For $6.99 it will not break the bank and there’s a good chance you might fall in love with this super simple game.