Best Mobile MMORPGs

Mobile MMORPGs

We offer you the best mobile projects in the popular MMORPG genre with good graphics and a wide spectrum of classes to choose from. Competition between Android and IOS has influenced software creators for MMORPG and raised the development of mobile games to a new level. Using the l2 private servers you can choose the option that suits you, with research in the open world, creating your own characters and strategic battles. But let’s go to our review of mobile MMORPGs, which will interest users with different preferences.

Expected – A3

South Korean developer Netmarble, finally released the game with the famous storyline for mobile platforms based on Android and iOS. In addition to the typical MMORPG genre design of the world and classes, the Battle Royale mode was added to A3. It allows users to fight up to 30 players on one battlefield, both alone and in groups of 3 people.

Adventure Quest 3D

The Lore world is ready for new research. This is a true cross-platform fantasy MMORPG, brings you and your friends together no matter what their mobile device. An ever-expanding world with new areas, monsters, adventures, and regular quests updates awaits you.

Albion Online

This version has no classes and each player can perform any role he wants. The skills and abilities depend directly on your equipment. At the same time, no one forbids to create their own combinations and gather different resources across a huge open world.

Arcane Legends

The cover of the game is very tempting, the management is convenient, and inside this virtual world, there are many positive aspects, with a thorough pumping of the character. You have the opportunity to choose your pet for protection and the appearance of your hero.

The Aura Kingdom 2

The developers of X-Legend Entertainment tried to take the spirit of the previous part of the game, kept the fast gameplay, significantly improved the graphics, added new creatures, and a higher degree of freedom in creating characters and moving around the world.

AXE: Alliance & Empire

Invented by the developers of the Nexon company, the story about the endless war and its heroes, is now very popular. The game has six classes, a variety of gameplay, great graphics, and an abundance of game content, which is constantly updated.

Black Desert Mobile

The game is equipped with Pearl Abyss software, thanks to which it has impressive visual effects and its own artistic style. You can play for one of the five characters, which differ from each other in appearance, used equipment, and other parameters.

Celtic Heroes

Excellent three-dimensional MMORPG with an open world based on Celtic mythology. A fantastic journey through the endless mountains awaits you, with thousands of other players from around the world to become a true Celtic hero.

Daybreak Legends

A game with a realistic combat system and many different types of combinations and skills begin with the character editing screen, where you choose your hero from five classes. You will have a lot of adventures before you can find the legendary artifact and destroy evil.

Dofus Touch

Classic MMORPG, with a turn-based system of battles that are deployed on the field, with individual cells. You will have a real survival with the search for the necessary items and a terrible atmosphere where you can create your own hero.

Era of Legends

This is an epic narrative where there is war, love, friendship, and fairytale characters. You can masterfully pump up your level, explore the world of Era of Legends from the altitude of the flight on the griffin and unravel a lot of mysteries to eventually create your own story.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Thanks to a joint project between NCSoft and Netmarble, fans of the cult game, have a mobile version. It is as close to the original as possible, there are beautifully drawn and animated characters and realistic locations, but with its own storyline.

MapleStory M

The free 2D multiplayer role-playing game sends you to explore the classic Maple world, using five unique characters. A thrilling plot campaign is a constant pumping of heroes, with epic battles and the passing of mysterious dungeons.

Old School Runescape

The game impresses with a huge set of features. This is a great option for fans of adventure games, with regular updates and additional quests. You can go through a lot of challenges, as a lone adventurer and glory, or join other game participants.

Perfect World Mobile

You are waiting for incredible graphics and a colorful open world, with a possible choice of characters from six classes. The unique appearance of the heroes, exquisite aerial combat scenes, dynamic lighting, and shadow effects will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The game based on the popular universe was developed by three well-known companies at once and boasts its unique character leveling system. A rich selection of characteristics and various spells allows each player to create their own unique hero, not like the rest.

Rangers of Oblivion

Chinese developers NetEase did a good job and made a decent product with gorgeous high-resolution graphics. You can conduct real-time battles and hunt monsters alone or together with friends.

RuneScape Mobile

A great game in the fantasy genre with a large number of mythical creatures, where you can possess several skills at once. The cross-platform version allows you to start the game at home and continue on a mobile gadget or vice versa.

StoneAge World

Help an ancient tribe survive in difficult conditions by sending different characters to farm or create new tools. Explore huge open locations with your friends and capture as many rare dinosaurs as possible. In addition, it should be noted game Toram Online, with the dark rangers of oblivion, V4 with the classic story of the struggle between good and evil, Villagers and Heroes, where you will have to devote most of your time to your possession and protect ranches, as well as World of Kings with access to a large number of locations for a full-fledged battle with the forces of darkness.