Best Internet Connection for Online Gaming 2020

5G High speed network connection. Reaching 5g, speedometer closeup view. 3d illustration

Imagine yourself in the middle of an intense battle going on with your friends and suddenly the internet stops working Ė what would be your first reaction. You will either break your screen or leave behind everything and go for a walk.

Whenever you are doing something important and there is a sudden internet outage, the reactions are quite enraging. Especially, if you are a gamer, you canít afford such type of glitches that would ruin your gaming experience.

To avoid this situation, a stable, reliable and high-speed internet connection is required. With a number of choices available at hand, picking the best one isnít as easy as it seems to be. Letís walk you through some of the best internet connections for gaming.

AT&T Fiber

Fiber internet is a treasure chest for gamers. If you luckily live in the area, where fiber internet is available, just go for it. AT&T Fiber internet tops our list, as it is one of the fastest ISPs, according to the reports by Federal Communication Commission 2018. According to the FCC, AT&T over-deliver on download speed, which is something definitely needed by gamers.

As compared to DSL plans offered by other ISPs, AT&T Fiber plan is something worth considering. If your house is jam-packed with gamers and streamers, AT&T fiber is all you need to keep everyone engaged. And donít forget the movie streamers, they are also in line with gamers, requiring high-speed internet.

If you want to experience seamless gaming without any lags or glitches, subscribe to a 300Mbps plan that comes with a 1TB data cap. Even if there are several connected devices, you donít need to worry about lags and disruptions. AT&T has got your back and wonít disappoint you while gaming or streaming.  As compared to other ISPs, AT&T 300Mbps fiber price is lower. If you want to save money, just bundle up your plan with AT&Tís DIRECTV or U-verse.


Spectrum is another reliable internet connection for gamers and is one of the 5th top cable internet service providers in the United States. Heavy internet users including gamers and streamers can benefit from high-speed internet plans ranging from 60Mbps to 940Mbps.

Spectrum Internet packages offer a wide range of plans and prices to fulfill the needs of different internet users. The prices are quite competitive, but they tend to increase after the first year. However, the best part is that you donít need to sign a contract and pay a heavy fee for early termination. Moreover, with unlimited data cap offered by Spectrum, you donít need to worry about reaching data limits while gaming or streaming.  

If you have a large family, Spectrumís 400Mbps or 940Mbps plan is not a bad choice. Spectrum also offers free modem unlike most of the service providers that charge $10 to $20 to rent equipment. Spectrum internet speeds are optimal for light to heavy gamers.


Cox is yet another internet service provider that is worth mentioning on our list. Cox offers low end and economical plans that fit everyone’s needs. When it comes to gamers, it offers high-speed internet at low prices and data caps up to 1TB.

Cox offers internet services in limited areas. With budget-friendly prices and over 650,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, Cox is not a bad deal for heavy gamers and streamers. For instance, a 300Mbps plan by Cox will fulfill your needs, even if you are a regular gamer. Moreover, Cox is one of the providers that offer internet plans starting from as low as 10Mbps that is worth considering for normal internet users.

In addition, Cox also offers bundle plans to help you enjoy more and pay less. With the Cox bundle plan, you can enjoy high-speed internet along with cable TV and telephone. With no contract binding, you can terminate the services without paying extra.


If you have tried several internet service providers in the past, but disappointed with the services, make sure to try the ISPs we have discussed. You will never face any buffering, delays or glitches while gaming. Moreover, you can connect to as many devices as possible without worrying about the data limits.