Baby Yoda has become Tamagotchi now

It’s a surprise it took so long, but Grogu, better understood as Baby Yoda, has now evolved into Tamagotchi.

The virtual pet toy will let you take care of the Mandalorian’s cuter half by feeding it squid chowder and macarons, playing some mini-games, and unlocking a bunch of outfits.

But watch out: “if you feed the Grogu Tamagotchi too much squid chowder, the squid will jump on him.”

Assuming that Grogu’s primary personality trait is “hungry,” this appears like a perfect fit. Though it seems there are some dark options depending on how well you manage for the little fellow. The tagline reads, “Will you be able to nurture Grogu successfully, or will the Dark Trooper take him away first?”

The modest Tamagotchi has been creating a resurgence over the last few years, with new iterations featuring a smartwatch, cameras, and branded versions varying from R2-D2 to BTS.

Grogu, colloquially directed to as Baby Yoda, is a nature from the Star Wars Disney+ original television sequel The Mandalorian. He is a toddler fellow of the same anonymous species as the Star Wars characters Yoda and Yaddle, with whom he shares a powerful ability in the Force. In the series, the protagonist, known as “the Mandalorian,” is hired to track down and capture Grogu as a remnant of the fallen Galactic Empire. Still, instead, he evolves his adoptive father and guards him against the Imperials.

The character’s real name was not announced until “Chapter 13: The Jedi”, which also explained that Grogu was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. Before this, the character’s official name was ” The Child, ” as in subtitles and captions, was “The Child.”

Bandai Namco says the Grogu toy will be available to preorder “soon” on Amazon. As for The Mandalorian, the series will continue with a third season on Disney Plus in February 2023. In the meantime, the latest Star Wars series, Andor, starts streaming tomorrow.

In 2004, starting with the Tamagotchi Plus/Connection, the second wave of Tamagotchi toys arose, featuring a diverse graphic design by artist JINCO and gameplay, which heightened upon the first generations.

Tamagotchi was created by Aki Maita and Akihiro Yokoi in 1996. They both triumphed at the 1997 Ig Nobel Prize for economics, anointing them the papa and mom of Tamagotchi. The personalities are colorful creatures with simple designs based on animals, entities, or people. Tamagotchi is a keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game.

However, the story after the games stayed the same: Tamagotchis are a little alien species that deposited an egg on Earth to witness what life was like, and it is up to the player to boost the egg into an adult creature. The creature goes through several phases of growth. First, it will develop differently, relying on the care the player provides, with better care resulting in an adult creature that is more intelligent, happier, and needs less attention. Gameplay can differ widely between models, and some models, like TamagoChu, require little to no maintenance from the player.

When unleashing the Tamagotchi in Japan, Bandai initially vended them exclusively to teenage girls. However, Bandai and WiZ would later complete a masculine counterpart to the Digital Monster, Tamagotchi, generating the Digimon franchise.