Apps and Games that Keep the Diwali Flame Burning Bright


Diwali is as much a mindset as it is a festive celebration, meaning there is no reason why its virtues should not extend into the back end of the year and even through into the new year as well.

Certainly, that is the view of the companies out there who have made it their mission to harness the power of Diwali to drive special promotions and discounts for their products and services.

In this article we take a look at the particular apps and games which have made it their duty to keep the spirit of Diwali alive and kicking long after the official November celebrations are done and dusted.

Apps that Allow you to Relive the Sights and Sounds of Diwali

People’s phones these days are always jam packed with apps of all varieties, but the breadth of apps dedicated to Diwali means that SIM card memories are pushed to their limits during the festival of light.

Sometimes it is the simple ones which capture the imaginations of users the most, such as Diwali Crackers: Latest Diwali Fireworks 2020, which will have you feeling like you are running the fireworks gauntlet through the backstreets of Delhi as whoops, bangs, and crashes ring out all around you.

For those folks who want something a little more civilised, coupled with the opportunity to meet new people along the way, HikeLand is an app that is gaining notoriety among fans, providing areas that players can meet and chat before going on to play a game or two of Diwali themed Ludo. Why not play a few games before sending your goodnight messages and switching your phone to sleep mode?

Games and Accessories That Let Diwali Live on Year Round

There are plenty of apps out there keeping the spirit of Diwali fresh in the minds of the masses, but when it comes to games and accessories there are not many which truly dedicate themselves to the festival.

However, that is more than made up for by companies like PokerStars India and Sony, which help their customers keep the celebrations going with special discounts and promos on tournament buy-ins, as well as Diwali themed gaming accessories and hardware. Such games provide the sort of party vibes that mean that the Diwali rush is not over until the players say it is, with gamers from all over India able to celebrate in style while climbing their way to the top of festive leader boards. After all, nothing quite sparks the competitive spirit in a player quite like Diwali.

VR and AR Takes Diwali to a Whole Other Dimension

While regular mobile, console and PC games are all well and good, they can only go so far when it comes to recreating the sights, sounds and smells of a true Diwali festival. That is why the technologically curious gamers out there are turning to virtual and augmented reality to get their Diwali kicks.

VR Diwali, a game developed by Creative Monkey Games, allows anyone with a VR headset and a mobile phone to immerse themselves in a world of endless fireworks, sparklers and other pyrotechnic surprises. All of this is set to traditional Indian music, meaning that wherever you choose to don your headset, you can take a piece of Diwali with you.

And it is not just small games developers who are getting in on the act. The Arts and Culture department at Google also released their very own augmented reality Diwali game entitled Diwali @ Home. This highly original concept allows people to decorate their homes with virtual diyas as well as having all the firework and cracker action mentioned above. This means that there is nothing stopping you from turning your home into a Diwali wonderland for months to come.