7 Simple And Fun Online Games To Relax After A Hard Working Day

Fun Online Games

We all know what it’s like to come home from a tiring day of work or study and just want to relax. Whether you’re looking for an escape, some solo entertainment, or just a way to pass the time, we have seven simple and fun online games that can help turn your day around. From card games such as Solitaire Social to retro arcade classics, these titles are sure to give you a break from the stress and strain of everyday life.

7 Best Relaxing Online Casual Games

1. Solitaire Social

The classic card game of solitaire gets a modern twist with this online version! In Solitaire Social, you can choose to play against the computer or another player, and there are dozens of levels to challenge your skills. Solitaire Tournaments are also available, giving you the chance to test your solitaire strategy against other players and win great prizes.

Plus, as you progress in mastering your solitaire skills, you will earn coins that can be further used for customizing and decorating some lovely locations such as a garden or a farm. This a nice meditative touch to the good old classics.In Solitaire Social, you can choose the decks on the game board. Plus, you can personalize your experience by decorating the garden while playing. 

2. Abzu

Abzu is a calming exploration game set underwater, where players explore its depths with the help of ancient creatures. Abzu encourages players to take their time and appreciate the beauty of the game world. As you dive deeper, you’ll unlock new areas, discover hidden secrets and artifacts, and collect points along the way.

The controls are simple and intuitive — just use your Xbox or Playstation controller to navigate your character through a stunningly immersive oceanic environment. Whenever you want to take a break from reality and explore a beautiful virtual world, Abzu is your go-to option.

3. House Flipper

House Flipper is an incredibly fun unique game that puts you in the shoes of a home renovator. Buy rundown homes, fix them up with tools such as a hammer, saw, or drill, and then sell them for profit. You’ll have to tackle challenging tasks such as plumbing repairs, wall repairs, and painting.

Throughout the game, you unlock new items such as furniture and appliances, as well as earn bonuses for completing tasks quickly. Overall, House Flipper is a great way to explore your creative side while still getting in some much-needed downtime.

4. Gardenscape

Gardenscape is a charming puzzle game with an adorable cast of characters. Here, you should help the main character Austin restore his family’s garden to its former glory using match-3 puzzles. As you progress, you’ll unlock new areas of the garden and meet interesting characters who can help you on your quest.

Casual puzzle-solving fun offered by Gardenscape will provide the desired distraction for your mind, giving you a break from the daily stresses.

5. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is an easygoing game that puts you in control of your village populated by adorable animals. You’ll have to complete tasks such as building homes, buying items, and customizing your village. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to more items and the opportunity to customize your character.

Animal Crossing enables you to spend some time with your virtual friends in an idyllic setting. It offers plenty of relaxing activities to do, such as fishing and bug catching.

6. Home Sheep Home

Home Sheep Home is an addicting puzzle game that will test your skills and challenge your brain. You’ll have to help three sheep make their way home by guiding them through increasingly tricky levels. 

To complete each level, you’ll have to use each sheep’s abilities such as jumping and running to get past obstacles. Home Sheep Home is great if you want to relax while still getting in a little brain exercise.

7. Journey

Journey is a captivating game that invites you to explore a mysterious and beautiful world. You’ll have to climb, glide, and swim through stunning landscapes while solving puzzles along the way. Throughout the game, you’ll unlock new abilities that will help you on your journey.

Journey will give you the desired break from the grind as you explore a virtual world in peace. The tranquil soundtrack and the dream-like atmosphere will put you in an almost meditative state as you play.

The Calming Power of Casual Games

Sometimes, you need to put your mind at ease after a hard day. Casual games can be a great way to take a break, relax, and just enjoy some quality time for yourself. From managing a virtual village, fixing up homes, or solving puzzles — these games will help you destress after work or studies.

So why not take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of life and give one of these titles a try? The best online casual games are waiting for you to explore and enjoy!