7 Fun Ways to Earn Money in The Gaming Industry

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If you are an expert in something, why not use it to earn some money out of it. Have you ever wonder how to use your gaming experience and monetarize it? We have prepared a list of fun ways you can earn money in the gaming industry.


The most obvious way you can use your gaming knowledge to win some money is by gambling. If you are following Esports scene regularly and you have enough knowledge, it is relatively easy for you to predict who will win the match. However, there is also a possibility to lose money because gambling is not free, so be careful. If you want to take a risk no matter what, you can do it at this website.

Game Tester

Every experienced gamer encounters game glitches on a daily basis. It can be frustrating and ruin your gaming experience. That’s why there are beta testers who play games before the final release and their main job is, believe it or not, to spot bugs. If you know how to spot bugs, you can also be one of those beta testers and get paid for it. I believe those glitches wont frustrate you anymore as they will be your source of income.  


You probably all heard about streaming platforms like Twitch.tv and YouTube Gaming. People actually earn money by just playing their favorite games. How does it work? Twitch streamers earn money via subscriptions and donations. The more viewers they get, the higher the chance someone will press that subscribe button or even donate them some money. If others can do it, you can do it too. It wont hurt you to start streaming, at least give it a try. You can even go one step further and start a YouTube channel. Just pick a topic and stick to it. As your channel is growing, your earnings will grow with it.  

Social Media

There are a tun of Facebook and Instagram pages related to the gaming industry. Each one of them advertise other pages and they get paid for it. Try to start a page on social media with fun gaming memes or tips. Stay dedicated and the results will follow.   


Another interesting way to earn money in the gaming industry is by writing articles. There are millions of gaming blogs online in desperate need for new writers. Try to contact some of them via Email and you might get hired as a freelance writer.

Game Development

This method is far more difficult but it can be your dream job. Why not spend the rest of your life developing games and doing what you love? Just learn how to code and start a career in gaming development. You dont need any special schools to learn how to code, everything can be found online in the form of video tutorials and online academies.

Trading Skins

Popular games like CS:GO, Dota 2 and PUBG all have skins that are worth real money. You can trade skins with other people and make a small profit on every transaction. There are also tutorials on how to do it online. There were situations when players managed to take a $0,03 worth case and upgrade it into $100 knife while making trades in less than a month.