5 Most Important Things to Know When Playing Euchre

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Like any trick-taking card game, Euchre requires a bit of luck to win. However, you can visit other sites such as NonGamstopCasinos to enjoy the game and increase your chances of winning no matter what cards you hold.. 

Here are five important ins and outs of Euchre that all players should know if they want to win more games.

5 Most Important Things to Know When Playing Euchre

#1 Lead Big When Possible

Leading with a singleton Ace is considered one of the best leading tactics in Euchre. If you have just the one Ace in the suit and no other cards, the other players will have the other cards from that suit. 

Since the Ace is the top-ranking card and other players have to follow suit, there’s a good chance that you will win the trick if you lead with the Ace. If the opponents cannot follow suit, you will draw out the opponents’ high card, allowing you to possibly take a trick later.

Leading with an Ace is not a good idea if you have three or more cards in the suit. If you have three or more cards of a suit in your hand, there’s a good chance that one of your opponents will not have any cards in the suit, allowing them to trump your Ace.

If you have an Ace from the suit with the same color as the trump suit, you must remember that the left bower ranks higher than the Ace. Therefore, if you have an Ace in the “next” suit, it’s best to avoid leading with it since an opponent can trump your play. 

In this situation, hold on to your Ace and wait for an opportunity to use it when the trump card is drawn out. 

#2 Relying on Your Partner is a Bad Idea

It’s a common belief that players can rely on their teammates for taking one trick in a game at a minimum. The thinking behind this is regardless of what suit is called trump; the teammate will likely have at least one card ranking high enough to take a trick.

However, it doesn’t always work this way. Even if your teammate has a few Aces in their hand, there’s no way to tell what cards your opponents hold. 

Expecting your partner to take at least one trick could result in you getting Euchred.

#3 Watch Out for Opponents Stealing the Deal 

In games that don’t involve money, cheating is quite acceptable as long as you get away with it. One of the easiest ways for players to cheat in Euchre is to steal the deal. 

The dealing team gets an extra trump card in Euchre, putting the team dealing the cards at a slight advantage. However, the dealer changes clockwise after every round according to the rules.

If you forget to keep track of which player is supposed to deal, the other team may simply gather the cards and begin dealing for an advantage. In this way, they “steal” the deal and an additional trump card.

One of the ways players pull this off is by collecting the cards and passing them to their partners. This prevents the other players from recognizing that they’re stealing the deal since the same player dealing cards twice in a row makes it obvious they’re cheating.

#4 Look Out for the Extra Card Cheat

Another cheat that dealers can pull off in Euchre is to deal an extra card to themselves or their partner. In Euchre, all the cards are dealt again after two rounds, typically in twos and threes. This allows dealers to sneak an extra card into their or their partner’s hand by lining it up with another card.

Dealers typically put the extra card in their partner’s hand since the dealer is observed closely for potential cheating. However, as long as the dealer’s partner can conceal the extra card throughout the round, the team can get away with it.

The extra card will need to be sneakily collected back when either the dealer or the dealer’s partner takes a trick and collects the cards.

#5 The Double Draw Trick

It’s easy for a dealer to draw two cards instead of one when they reach to pick up the trump card. Doing this is as simple as gripping the trump card with the card beneath it. Keeping these cards lined up in hand allows the player to have seven cards instead of six and use them to their advantage.

The difficult part of this cheating method is disposing of the extra card. The dealer will need to be able to hide it when picking up cards after winning a trick.

However, the dealer can also get rid of the extra card when putting a face-down card on top of the kitty.


While there are some cheating methods you should look out for in a friendly game, you could also use those techniques as long as you’re playing with people that would laugh it off.

The bottom line is that there’s only one reliable way to improve your skills – practice. On this link Euchre online game you can practice playing Euchre.