5 Early Game Tips To Ensure Victory In League Of Legends

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To get an early game lead, use wards effectively, micro-manage, and plan on your & your opponent’s champions, maintain communication, & do not be toxic.

With the end of season 10, many players have reached their season goal, but some unfortunate players had to taste defeat.

This could either be because you had a troll in your game, or your team got smurfed on by the enemy jungler.

Winning and losing is a part of a game, but here are some tips that can help you get better at the early game to increase your chances of destroying the enemy nexus.

1. Vision Can Save Lives

How many games have you lost because you got ganked at level 3 and then kept on getting camped all throughout the game?

This can be very annoying when you are constantly ganked every 5 minutes, and at the end, the enemy laner is rolling over your dead corpse. Although this is a very serious problem, the solution to it is also very simple.

No matter which side of the map you are on, there are fixed ways that the jungler or even another enemy laner can roam to your lane.

So, what you need to do is place your wards in those ganking paths, so you get a vision of the enemy team when they approach your lane.

When you see the enemy team approaching your way, head back to safety, and stay under your tower for a while. You will lose some minions, but that is still better than dying.

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2. Know Your Champion’s & Your Opponents’ Limits

You need to think of what your opponent is trying to do, how can you counter that, and how can you pressure not only your lane but also help your teammates.

A good way to understand the game is to know what champion you are playing and what your opponent is playing.

There is no point in fighting a Darius or Olaf early on as they can destroy you so you need to be at a safe distance.

However, it is also not advised to always stay safe behind your minions. If you do not constantly put pressure on someone like Nasus or Veigar, they can single-handedly destroy your entire team.

3. You Need Better Micro-Management

With the new season on the way and the introduction of the new mythic items, the game has gotten more complex.

Not only do you now need to farm and maintain your lane aggro or creep aggro like you used to before, but you also need to figure out what the enemy champion is building and build your items accordingly.

You need to think about what your enemy laner is capable of and where the enemy jungler is.

Based on that, you have to either push your minion wave to the enemy tower, let it come to you, or let the wave freeze at the center of your lane.

You need to harass your opponent in between farming minions so that the enemy has a difficult time farming. You also have to kite away from whatever your opponent is throwing at you.

The better you get at your micro-management, the better you will get at the game.

With the new items, the game has become much more versatile, and you now have a much wider choice.

If the opponent has a lot of tanks, you must build lethality and armor penetration. If they have healing, rush for items that have grievous wounds. If they have a lot of magic damage, build magic resistance. You need to think about these as soon as the game starts.

4. Complete Objectives And Communicate

In the game, there are a few objectives that you must complete to ensure that you have an easier game. The faster you get these objectives, the easier it will be for you to win.

For example, in the game, the outer turret was 5 plates that give 120 gold each after you break them. So, if you see that you and your enemy laner have the same farm, but you have destroyed a few more turret plates, then you will have a significant gold and item lead over the enemy.

The two objectives of the early game that require you to communicate with your team are the rift herald and the dragons. If you are a laner, then you must push out your lane before you can call your jungler to take these objectives.

And if you are the jungler, unless you are 100% certain that you can take the objective by yourself, wait for your laner to come, and as a laner, it is also your job to help your jungler get the objective. While LoL is no Demon Souls, things can get extremely difficult if you are not a team player.

5. Keep Your Cool & Do Not Be Toxic

League of Legends has a large community especially because it is free to play, and with those many players, things can get toxic.

You must keep your cool in the game, and do not let the enemy team get into your head.

If you see anyone trying to harass you in chat, mute them and keep your focus on the game. You also must keep your own cool and make sure you are not the one who is being toxic to other players.

If you are having a bad game, take a deep breath and let it go. It is just a game, and everyone is playing to have fun.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends is a very popular game and rightfully so. With its vast content, deep mechanics, and learning curves, the game has attracted millions of players. So while you are playing the game, you will obviously want to be on the winning side. By dominating the early game, you can get closer to that goal, and hopefully, these tips have given you the knowledge you need.