5 Different Ways That Technology Has Improved Gaming


It’s strange to think that all people had to entertain themselves back in the day were books and board games. Nowadays, the gaming landscape is vastly different. People can pretty much spend their whole lifetime indoors, playing their favourite video games with online friends. This is all thanks to technology like computers and the internet. As such, in this article, we are going to be studying the history of gaming and how exactly technology has shaped the video games we know and love today. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

1.) Advanced Computing

Thanks to computers, the gaming industry is better than ever before. For starters, we now have games consoles and PCs. These electronic devices can process an immense amount of data, meaning the potential of video games is pretty much limitless nowadays. As computers continue to advance, players no longer have to worry about network latency or sluggish framerates.

2.) Better Graphics

As computers are much more powerful nowadays, they are much better at handling high-quality graphics. Resultantly, players can enjoy games that have photo realistic graphics, and which load incredibly quickly without lagging. This makes the gaming experience so much more immersive than ever before. Advancements in graphics have also meant that real actors can play roles in video games, with their facial expressions and movements translated into the graphics. For example, Ellen Page starred in the game Beyond: Two Souls.

3.) Mobile Gaming

We used to think that we would only be able to play games on computers because smaller devices wouldn’t have the processing powers. However, technology has now given rise to devices like smartphones and the Nintendo Switch, which are completely portable and capable of all sorts. For this reason, gaming is much more convenient. Commuters can even enjoy a video game while on their way to work.

4.) Online Gaming

Online gaming is all thanks to the internet. In the past, gamers had to visit one another’s houses if they wanted to play together. Now, they can simply go online and team up. From here, MMOGs and eSports were born. Not only has the internet helped to popularise multiplayer games but also facilitated the ability to play games from home. For example, gamblers no longer need to travel to land-based arcades if they fancy spinning the reels or playing a hand or two of poker or Blackjack. Instead, they can enjoy a New York themed casino from the comfort of their own home.

5.) Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are an incredibly new and exciting form of gaming. By putting on a virtual reality headset, gamers can submerge themselves in a 3D simulation with photo realistic visuals, elevating the potential for immersive storytelling. Meanwhile, augmented reality means we can bring video games to the real world. This involves superimposing computer-generated images onto a background by using a camera.

These are some of the main ways that technology has improved gaming. We’re incredibly excited to see what the future holds, particularly regarding virtual reality.