5 Best Adventure Games for Windows

Adventure Games

There is often a time when we want to get away from a place, into a world thatís different, a world thatís not like our own. Adventure games give you that getaway to a world filled with amazing storylines, beautiful characters, great escapes, and exciting days. This is where you need the play adventure games on your PC.

These games are the best in the market and are known to have some of the greatest narratives, graphics, and epic journeys. Go on, take your special journey today.

#1. Jungle Adventure 2

If youíre someone who loves the jungle and animals, then Jungle Adventure 2 is the right game for you. Youíll get to explore an amazing world where youíll see tons of trees and amazing fruits. Like the adventurer, your mission is to save all the fruits in the jungle from an evil magician who wants those fruits for his immortality. The stunning story combined with your playerís movements, and the way you have smooth controls in the game are a great addition for the game.

The game is light on your phone and is quite interactive. It lets you escape into the character and immerse yourself completely. It lets you dig into the story, and become one with the character, an aspect that every adventure game needs.

#2. Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Games

Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Games is a must on the list of the best adventure games out there. This game will introduce you to Anna and will let you enter the city of ghosts. Amid all this chaos, your job is to uncover the evil plan and save the city from trouble. With all this and much more from the world of ghosts, the game gives you amazing visuals, beautiful graphics, and scary sound effects.

While youíre in the game, youíll discover 100 people whoíll introduce you to a world of their own and bring their stories to life. The strategies are easy and exciting, and youíll get all of these while solving riddles and hard mysteries.

#3. The Blockheads

When youíre out and about in the world of The Blockheads, youíll need to figure out whether you need a campfire, or how youíll manage to keep your Blockhead character alive. Youíre left in the most amazing survival game ever made.

This game is all about how you can use your instincts, how you can survive in a world thatís challenging your every move, and also help you make critical decisions. You can play in a single-player mode, or even create a world where you can bring in players from around the world. This game is unique for its structure, and engaging gameplay. Install The Blockheads game on your PC using this link: https://www.browsercam.com/the-blockheads-pc/.

#4. Criminal Case

Adventure Games are incomplete without criminal cases and weird experiences. The game of Criminal Case lets you meet a detection team, a forensic expert, and so much more. Youíll get to go behind the scenes of the crime, solve the puzzles, and unravel the mystery behind the crime. Youíll find interesting puzzles to solve, and the game tactics are not only exciting and engaging but are also quite well-planned.

You can bring in all your friends from Facebook, solve tons of levels and puzzles, and even find out all the mysteries within the game. As you solve these mysteries, youíll also begin to see new ways to unravel crimes, and that brings the game to life.

#5. Pokemon Go

We all saw the show while we were young. We loved the aspect of monsters coming out of the tiny ball, and the duels they had. Pokemon Go gave us a world where we can catch our Pokemon. The game blew up so quickly with everyone out and about catching their Pokemon, fighting duels, and ultimately living the world.

The game lets you roam around, and your phone screen would show all the Pokemon around you which you could catch. Does it get any better than this? The gameplay is incredible and you just canít leave without trying out the most adventurous game ever.


These adventurous games give life to characters on a smart device. They let you explore a world, a world that many can only dream of. These games were built to have some of the most realistic graphics, epic narratives, intense gameplay, and most of all, immersive experiences. If youíre someone who loves an adventure, then go on to start yours today!