3 Gaming Apps We Love Playing

Online Gaming

Remember when gamers were a very small part of the population? Those days are long gone and new layers of gamers are constantly added thanks to the mobile revolution. From hardcore to casual, everyone enjoys a good game with some thought behind it. To help you find your next favorite gaming app, we’ve selected 3 leading examples, each one from a different category.

The social gaming category: 88 Fortunes

The social gaming category is a huge app store hit, with millions of players around the world turning their smartphone into a pocket casino they take with them and play whenever, wherever. There are plenty of free slots apps to choose from, but discovering a mobile casino app that takes things further is still an exciting experience, and that’s exactly what 88 Fortunes does. This social gaming app has the most beautiful design we’ve ever seen in this category, and it features many branded casino machines that give players an exhilarating experience and heaps of rewards.

The mobile simulator category: Farming Simulator

If you’re a fan of the Sim series, you probably know and love the many games it offers players, most of them focusing on farm-related tasks. In this game, you’ll be able to collect different machines and operate them in what feels like a very grown-up and sophisticated version of the all-time gaming favorite Farmville. You’ll take care of your machines, crops and livestock on a daily basis and enjoy the feeling of getting your hands dirty when in reality, you’ll be tapping happily on your screen.

 The mobile puzzle category: Machinarium

Similarly to the mobile casino app 88 Fortunes, we’ve selected this app store beauty for its unique design, something the app’s publisher, Amanita Design, is known for. The company’s puzzle games are pretty simple and easy to comprehend, but that does not mean they are easy to solve and you will be needing a few clues along the way. But hey, that’s part of the fun, right? The game’s narrative invites you to work with the main character, a robot named Joseph, who sets out on a quest to save his girlfriend Berta after she was kidnapped by the evil Black Cap Brotherhood Gang. While we loved the game, we would appreciate a more creative (not to mention feminist) plot.

There are many other mobile gaming categories and subcategories to follow, as the gamers community grows and matures. We enjoy watching the process and the products it creates, and feel confident that the mobile gaming scene will continue to evolve and entertain us in the upcoming years. Now, enough typing, because we want to play!