Why do you need to use a bpa free coffee maker?

bpa free coffee maker

Coffee is the most preferred as well as loved morning beverage by many of the people all over the world now. Moreover, coffee lovers want the best coffee to give a kick start to their morning. This is the main reason which has increased the sale and use of coffee makers these days.

Many of the people purchase coffee makers in order to make quick and tasty coffee for themselves. But are you having a bpa free coffee maker with you to make your effortless coffee? The answer to this is a question is probably unknown by many of the people who are using any type of coffee maker.

Thus to give you a perfect answer to this question, you are going to read significant details about the topic: bpa free coffee maker in this article further. Let us begin by knowing what does bpa free actually means?

What is the meaning of BPA free?

BPA refers to bisphenol A which is an industrial chemical used for the purpose of making various resins and plastics from the past many years now. Moreover, it is basically found in the epoxy resins or in the polycarbonates plastic majorly. On the other hand plastics like polycarbonates are more often used in the container which helps in storing any sort of beverages or food like a water bottle or a coffee maker. However, they are also used in many other consumers’ goods as well.

Epoxy resins are largely used for the purpose of coating the inside metal products such as water supply lines, bottle tops, food cans, etc. On the other hand, few of the composites or dental sealants also found which include BPA in it. Greater exposure to BPA is a big concern as it can affect your health adversely. It may further affect on the functioning of the brain, behavior of the person overall, and to the prostate glands of infants, children, fetuses, etc. The increase in greater BPA exposure is directly linked to your other health issues as well which are:

The person face high blood pressure problem-

  • Women face infertility issues
  • PCOS
  • Various types of cancers
  • Endocrine disorders, etc

Thus to avoid these health-related issues from BPA exposures via any coffee maker it is suggested you to only buy the bpa free coffee maker only. On the other hand, it is also very much helpful if you replace other BPA included products like your children’s plastic toys, or avoid consuming canned food which contains BPA in its inner coating.

BPA in coffee makers-

If a greater level of BPA is present there in your coffee maker then you are more exposed to many dangerous chemicals which are going inside your body while drinking coffee. On the other hand, there is much possibility that your coffee may taste like plastic sometimes due to the plastic residue which is coming outside your coffee maker while preparing your coffee.

Do you know how BPA gets into your coffee-making process in the makers? When the temperature of the liquid present inside the maker is exposed to BPA, the amount of chemicals released inside the maker may vary. On the other hand, studies have shown that much amount of BPA is released in coffee maker when the milk or waters is extremely boiled.  

No doubt that he boiling water releases greater BPA than the normal condition but BPA can still leak into the coffee we consume even at the condition when the content inside the maker is not exposed to hot waters.

What are the advantages of having a bpa free coffee maker?

There are many of the benefits which one can enjoy when you purchase a bpa free coffee maker. Some of the main benefits are mentioned below:

  • No harmful chemicals reach at your coffee
  • You will not have to face any health issues due to BPA
  • You will consume a healthy coffee
  • One can enjoy delicious coffee in the morning, day, night any time you want
  • Have the quality of electronic product at your house, office, etc

What are the healthier ways to prepare BPA free coffee?

There are numerous types and designs of stainless steel coffee maker present there in the online as well as the offline market today which can replace your old harmful plastic coffee maker. However, the prices offered by such makers are quite high but not greater than your life or health. On the other hand, the good news for all the coffee lovers is that now you can purchase a healthier, cheaper, and easy to make coffee maker for you. Some of the types of coffee makers are:

French press-

It is made out of glass thus one doesn’t have to worry about the exposure to BPA in your coffee. As a result of this, one can easily control the hotness of coffee according to their preference. The important thing you need to do is that you have to add some ground coffee beans to the French press while adding hot boiling water to it. Then you have to wait till the time your coffee gets ready and the next step is that you have to press downward powering the coffee into your cup.

Cold brewing-

The best alternative to the plastic coffee maker is to make cold brew. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways to prepare your healthy coffee. It is as simple as adding an amount of ground coffee to your favorite coffee mug by further adding cold water into it. The next is that you have to wait till the coffee sits overnight at the refrigerators, and then you can strain in the morning easily.

Moka pot-

Now you can easily prepare your fresh cup of coffee with the help of a Moka pot. The Moka top is filled with the boiling water and then by the coffee grinds to the filler basket present there on the top side. The step involves setting up the coffee to heat. The working of Moka pot involves: using pressure from the boiling water to finally push the coffee to the chamber of Moka pot.

Bottom line If you are a big coffee lover then you should definitely use bpa free coffee maker as this will not result in drinking a harmful coffee daily.