Why a Good Kids Whey Protein Drink is a Great Immune Booster

Protein Drink

The benefit of protein for children is not limited to growth and development. Did you know that it is also one of the most important immune booster for kids. So, if your child’s diet does not have adequate protein sources, they may fall sick often or even seem very low on energy.

Let us explore the relationship between protein and immunity and why a good quality kids whey protein is an important addition to a child’s diet.

How Does Protein Act As an Immune Booster For Kids?

You must have read articles or watched shows about how a bowl of chicken soup is a great remedy for common health issues. While this is an age-old remedy, the reason it is so effective is because of the high protein content.

When we are choosing a good immune booster for kids,we only think about vitamins and minerals like vitamin C or iron. While they are essential, one of the most important nutrients for better immunity is protein. Let us understand why:

  • It helps produce powerful antioxidants: The human body produces a powerful antioxidant called glutathione. It is responsible for eliminating toxins from the body. It also prevents the degeneration of cells and tissues with time. The best health drinks for child growthcontain two important amino acids, namely cysteine and methionine. These are responsible for the production of glutathione
  • It is the structural nutrient of cells: Proteins are the building blocks of our cells and tissues. This is true even for the cells of the immune system. The most important pathogen-fighting cells are the T-cells. Ensuring that your child has enough protein through natural sources or a good kids whey protein helps maintain a healthy T-cell count. This is essential in fighting pathogens.
  • Protein enhances repair and regeneration of cells and tissues: Just like the rest of the body, even our immune system undergoes wear and tear over time. Protein is a vital immune booster for kids because it helps improve the rate of recovery of the immune system. It is also responsible for the faster production of immune-boosting cells. It is also important to note that the antibodies produced by the immune system require amino acids. Therefore, giving your child a protein-rich diet is vital in improving the immune response.
  • Protein ensures faster recovery: Even when your child catches a bug, maintaining a healthy protein intake is a good idea. Protein helps prevent inflammation, which is central to most health conditions. It also ensures that the T-cells in the child’s immune system are healthy. The rate of regeneration of these cells is boosted with adequate protein consumption. Any damage to tissue or cells as a result of the illness can also be rectified faster when you have enough protein in your system. Overall, the result is that your child recovers faster and feels more energetic.

When Is A Kids Whey Protein Necessary?

Parents often wonder if a kids whey protein is a good idea. When we talk about whey proteins, we normally think of bodybuilding or muscle development. The truth is that whey protein is a healthy milk protein that contains all the essential amino acids. It is also a convenient option to prevent any chances of protein deficiency.

If your child’s diet is rich in natural sources of protein, then a kids whey protein may not be necessary. However, there are some conditions where it is a necessity for your child’s diet:

  • The diet is mostly vegetarian: If you prefer a plant-based diet, then adding a kids whey protein to the diet may be necessary. While there are many plant-based protein sources, a supplement acts as a quick and concentrated source of protein. This leaves no room for any deficiencies.
  • Your child has an active lifestyle: For children who indulge in intense physical activity like sports and athletics, the requirement for protein is higher. Since most of the protein is used in recovery from their intense training sessions, you may have to increase their overall intake. This way, the kids whey protein offers enough protein to act as an immune booster for kids.
  • Your child is a fussy eater: Parents always try their best to include all the important nutrients that act as an immune booster for kids.However, when you have to plan the diet of a fussy eater, it is quite challenging. The good thing about kids whey protein is that they are easy to consume. They also come in many flavours that are appealing to your child. Whey protein shakes provide a single, concentrated source of important nutrients, making sure that your fussy eater does not have any deficiencies.

How To Choose a Good Kids Whey Protein?

A whey protein shake is an effective immune booster for kids only when it is the right kind. With poor quality supplements, you may be unknowingly loading your child’s diet with unwanted calories, sugar etc.

Here are some tips to choose a good kids whey protein:

  • Make sure that the protein content is as per the recommended daily intake for your child’s age group. Overconsumption of protein can lead to excessive stress on the kidneys.
  • The protein shake should not contain refined sugar. Choose products with natural sugar sources like cane sugar.
  • Make sure that sugar is not the primary ingredient of the product. If it is on the top of the nutrition label, it means that the drink is rich in sugar.
  • If your child is lactose intolerant, avoid a kids whey protein. While protein shakes that contain whey isolates are considered safe, it is best to check with your doctor.

Whenever you include a supplement in your child’s diet, consult a nutritionist or your paediatrician. That way, you can be sure that it will not lead to any allergies or adverse reactions.


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