Top Recipes For Alfresco Dining At Home

Alfresco Dining

It is that time of year where you need to get out your picnic blanket that has been stored away and get the garden furniture out of the shed so that you can enjoy the delights of dining alfresco with your friends and family.

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There are so many different mouthwatering treats that you can make to eat in your garden, from classic dishes, to light summery salads. No matter what type of food you enjoy eating, you should find something that you like from our list below.

Colourful Salads

Depending on the exact season, there are a range of different colourful salads that you can prepare for your friends and family. Not only does adding lots of veg to your plate bring lots of varying colours and textures but they are, of course, good for you also – win, win.

Some of our favourite salads to be enjoyed outdoors include potato salad, store cupboard salads, and rainbow salad.

Tasty Bites

For when you have kids or a large group of people, there is nothing easier than preparing dishes of tasty bites that can be consumed throughout the afternoon. Things like scott eggs and sausage rolls are a stable of any garden gathering.

In order to cater for family members and guests dietary needs, there are now a wide range of veggie and vegan alternatives out there, with things like vegan sausage rolls, which taste just as good as the meat filled version.

Sharing Dishes

Things like quiche always go down well when dining outdoors and when made big enough, can be shared by a large group of people. When making a quiche, consider adding ingredients such as parmesan, basil, and tomato in order to really bring out the flavours.

Other ingredients that you may have laying around your house that you could put in, include ricotta, courgette, and pine nuts. Similarly, pasties full or veggies always go down well andare a good way of getting a bit of goodness into the diets of any children then are eating.

Simple Drinks

When dining alfresco, you are also going to want to have some light and summery drinks to accompany the food that you are eating, both alcoholic and none alcoholic.

For the kids and those family members or guests who do not drink alcohol, there are many great mocktails that you can make for them, such as a peach ice tea or a fun and fizzy watermelon lemonade.

Alcohol wise, a boozy punch always goes down well. When making your own, consider adding flavours such as elderflower and even some herbs in order to create a fresh tasting drink.

However, no garden party is complete without at least one jug of Pimms. There are none alcoholic versions of this drink that you can make in order to suit the specific tastes of your family members or guests.