The Best Survival Food that’s Made to Last

canned foods in tin cans on kitchen table

Being a part of this world means that we sometimes get to experience natural disasters and catastrophic events that jeopardize our survival. Even though we are not always threatened by these disasters because they might have happened in Indonesia and we live in Europe, we must always be prepared regardless of where we live. One of the most important things we must prepare in advance is our food supplies.

Survival food is of extreme importance as we might experience a disaster that leaves us with no food supplies anywhere near us. In order to find the appropriate food supplies, we need to take into consideration all the different conditions that can endanger the food’s quality and ruin it.

For example, the food needs to be in a can or a kind of package that is not influenced by water. In addition, the material of the packages the food is in must be able to last for years.

 As it is not easy to think about what kind of food we might need, for how long we are going to need it, and if it’s only for us or for our family, the best food supplies that are available are listed below for your convenience.


It is vital for us – especially during a natural disaster- to stay hydrated. This is why we need to have a lot of water. Water can be preserved in a thermos, where it is not affected by exterior temperatures and remains clean.

In addition, we can include vitamin-powdered drinks that can provide you with enough energy and maybe some tea, which can hydrate you.


One of the most go-to survival food kits is fish cans. Since they can be preserved very easily and they last for a long time, they are ideal. In addition, they are very nutritious and they have good taste. Sardines and tuna have the most nutrients.

Rice and Beans

Together, they are very nutritious and provide you with a lot of protein. They last for a very long time and they are one of your best choices. They highly suggested and they don’t cover much space in your bag.

Fruits – Vegetables

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there is actually a way to preserve them and turn them into some nutrient-rich and delicious survival dish. That is if they are dehydrated. It is a very efficient solution! They can actually offer you the same vitamins and they are very preservable.

Dehydrated tomatoes and apricots are the most preferred and the tastiest. Some very good choices are also dehydrated carrots, potatoes, beets, and celery. 

Nuts ; Grains

Combined with dehydrated vegetables or fruit, they can provide you a very nutritious and vitamin-rich meal. Also, they have a lot of protein and they can be considered a good substitute for meat. Red wheat berries are highly suggested, as they can also be used to make bread.

Fruit Bars

They are probably the most practical solution. They don’t take up much space, they have a lot of nutrients and they offer you a lot of energy. They are not affected by time and they include many fruits and chocolate. Bars that contain banana, dark chocolate, and almonds are highly suggested.

Closing Remarks

The foods ; beverages suggested above are very good solutions. Choose the ones that you are most fond of but remember that you will need to consume foods with a lot of nutrients. Wait no longer! Grab a pen, write down everything you might need, and buy these foods as soon as possible!