The 5 Easiest Lobster Recipes on Earth

lobster with salad

One of the things that makes lobster such a unique and intriguing culinary option is that it gives you a highly prized gourmet option that is also very easy to prepare. Cooking the lobster meat itself takes only a few easy steps, which opens the door to an enormous amount of scintillating recipe options that you can try out with your prepared lobster meat.

Guaranteed Flavor and Quality

The secret to the perfect lobster meal is to purchase your lobster as fresh as possible – ideally, fished from the ocean as recently as possible.

That means that if you want to get the best lobster you can possibly eat, the best way is to get it is to order your lobster from an overnight delivery service. Now that companies like Lobsteranywhere.com are shipping lobster straight to your door, you can also eat fresh lobster meals no matter where you live in America.

Classic Lobster Roll

This option might be too simple to call a true recipe but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most popular ways to eat lobster in the world. Everywhere that hard-shelled Atlantic lobster is fished, you’ll find restaurants serving the classic lobster roll as a local delicacy.

While different regions all claim their own variation of the lobster roll, all you need for the classic recipe is to make a salad of mayonnaise and lobster meat as well as a hot dog roll. Whether you want to use a fancy fresh-baked sourdough roll or add options like lettuce, tomato or even avocado are up to you!

Surf and Turf

Cooking steak is about as simple as cooking lobster and takes relatively the same amount of time depending on how well you like your steak cooked. All you really have to worry about is getting the freshest meat possible and perfecting your ideal cooking time. After that, you can pick out some options for a side, such as salad, fried or mashed potatoes.

Lobster Fettuccini Alfredo

When it comes to pasta, lobster pairs best with a white sauce. Luckily, alfredo sauce is one of the easiest kinds of pasta sauce to make from scratch – all you really need is butter, garlic, cream, basil and oregano. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can follow a simple recipe; if not, there are many express or pre-made options for white sauce available at your local grocery store.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

If you enjoy lobster with pasta but want an even easier (yet just as delicious) option than fettuccini alfredo, then there’s no better solution than a lobster mac and cheese. If there’s any lobster recipe that’s gained the most popularity in recent years, this is the one. Making this new favorite is as simple as following your regular mac and cheese recipe and adding cooked lobster meat before you bake.

Lobster may be considered a gourmet food due to its delicious rich flavor but that doesn’t mean that it can’t just as readily be considered a comfort food that can be incorporated into your favorite simple-to-make dishes. Try an overnight lobster delivery service today and get cooking!