Tomato Rice preparation is a favorite recipe and a staple diet of southern India but North Indian too consume it as a tasty change to a daily diet. Wide variety of rice preparations are made according to individual choice and regional specialty.

Tangy tomato rice is a specialty from Southern India and there are so many variation of making this. It is an easy and delicious recipe to use the leftover steamed rice .

You can also add boiled vegetables in it to make it more nutritious .This tomato rice is very good as a lunch box recipe or tiffin variety or to use as a travel food. You don’t need any accompaniment to go with this. A bowl of yogurt, some salad and papad can be served if you want some thing to serve along.

Tomato rice/pulao is a famous south Indian recipe that goes by the name thakkali satham in South India. It is prepared by using ripe tomatoes and a few special spices. Its delicious taste and unique aroma make for a hungry lunch recipe.

  • Prep Time15 min
  • Cook Time22 min
  • Total Time37 min
  • Yield2 Plates
  • Serving Size120 g
  • Energy126 cal
  • Cuisine
    • Indian
  • Course
    • Main Course
  • Cooking Method
    • Cutting
    • Boiling
    • Sauteing


    • 1 Cup basmati rice(200 grams)
    • 1 1/2 Cup Water
    • 2 tbsp Oil
    • 1 Bay leaf
    • 3-4 Green cardamom
    • 2 Cloves
    • 1 inch Cinnamon stick
    • 3/4 tbsp Mustard seeds
    • 1 tbsp Chana dal
    • 1 Medium Red onion
    • 1 Green chili, chopped
    • 6-7 Curry leaves
    • 1 1/2 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
    • 4 Medium Tomatoes
    • 1/4 Turmeric powder
    • 1/2 Coriander powder
    • 1/2 Red chili powder
    • Salt to taste
    • Mint leaves to garnish


  • Soak the rice for 20 minutes and then rinse and keep it ready.

  • Heat oil in a pressure cooker on medium heat
  • Add mustard seeds.

  • Once the oil is hot, add the bay leaf, green cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon stick.
  • Cook till you get the whiff of the aroma.

  • Add the chopped onion, green chili, and curry leaves and Cook for 2 minutes.
  • Add the ginger-garlic paste and cook for a minute.

  • Add the chopped tomatoes along with salt and mix.
  • Cook for 6 to 7 minutes until mushy.
  • Then add the spices turmeric powder, coriander powder, and red chili powder.
  • Cook till the oil is separated from the masala.

  • Add the soaked rice to the cooker and mix well with the masala.
  • Add water, mix well and close the lid.
  • Wait for three whistles and then turn off the heat and let the pressure release on its own.

  • Open the cooker and fluff the rice with a fork.
  • Garnish with mint leaves.
  • Serve hot with raita.


Additional Facts about Tomatoes

  • Tomatoes are the world’s most popular fruit.
  • With an annual production of 60 million tons, they remain the world’s most demanded and most popular fruit.
  • There is a very messy annual festival in Spain. It goes by the name La Tomatina.
  • Festival involves tomatoes but what people do is, they don’t eat tomatoes.
  • People throw tomatoes at each other. Some 150,000 tomatoes are used.
  • 94.5% of the weight of a typical tomato is nothing but water!
  • Tomatoes can keep longer if you store them with their stem down.
  • 2 servings per container
  • Serving Size120 g
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories126
  • % Daily Value*
  • Total Fat3.9 g5%
  • Saturated Fat0.3 g1.5%
  • Trans Fat0 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat0 g
  • Cholesterol0 mg0%
  • Sodium9.2 mg0.4%
  • Total Carbohydrate20 g7.27%
  • Dietary Fiber1.3 g4.64%
  • Total Sugars1.9 g
  • Protein2.3 g4.6%
  • Calcium0.84 mg0.06%
  • Vitamin A0.22 mcg0.02%
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)0.1 mg0.11%

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