Paneer Butter Masala Recipe


Paneer Butter Masala recipe is a popular and super-rich creamy North Indian Punjabi curry made with cottage cheese. It is a vegetarian alternative to the famous butter chicken replaced with paneer cubes. It is a premium kaju curry ideally served with choice of Indian flatbread or rice recipes like jeera rice and ghee rice.

North Indian Punjabi cuisine is known for its richness and heavy cream gravy curries. These gravies can be mix and matched with various ingredients to make unique flavoured curry. One of the hugely popular Paneer variation is the rich yet simple Paneer Butter Masala. some may call it Paneer Makhani recipe.

Mentioned several times that people love paneer and must have gravies whenever they want to party and have quality food for any outdoor lunch or dinner. Having said that it is always preferred to get something more spicy with paneer like kadai paneer or palak paneer and paneer makhani is less prefered as it is sutle to taste buds. But people do prefer to have a creamy or rich paneer gravy and feel bloated after the meal. Many who just simply crave for the classic paneer recipe which is the creamiest one and has given to so many variations while adding some unique spices and ingredients result into a new paneer recipe. Now, read the authentic butter paneer recipe and prepare at home to get the creamiest gravy.

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time25 min
  • Total Time35 min
  • Yield4 Plates
  • Serving Size300g
  • Energy635 cal
  • Cuisine
    • Indian
  • Course
    • Main Course
  • Cooking Method
    • Cutting
    • Sauteing
    • Simmering



    • 1 tsp butter
    • 1 tsp oil
    • 1 onion, sliced
    • 1 inch ginger
    • 3 clove garlic
    • 2 tomato, chopped
    • 10 cashew / kaju


    • 2 tbsp butter
    • 2 pods cardamom
    • 1 bay leaf
    • ¼ tsp turmeric
    • 1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder
    • ¼ tsp garam masala
    • ¼ tsp cumin powder
    • 1 cup water
    • ½ tsp sugar
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 2 tbsp cream
    • 20 cubes paneer / cottage cheese
    • 2 tbsp coriander, chopped
    • ½ tsp kasuri methi, crushed
    • ¼ tsp garam masala



Heat 1 tsp butter and 1 tsp oil in a large kadai.


Saute 1 onion, 1 inch ginger and 3 clove garlic until it shrinks slightly.


Add 2 tomato and 10 cashew for a minute.


Cover and cook for 10 minutes or until tomatoes turn soft and mushy.


Cool completely and transfer to the blender.


Blend to smooth paste adding water if required.


In a kadai heat 2 tbsp butter and saute 2 pods cardamom and 1 bay leaf.


Keeping the flame on low add ¼ tsp turmeric, 1 tsp chilli powder,

¼ tsp garam masala and ¼ tsp cumin powder.


Saute until the spices turn aromatic without burning.


Add in prepared onion tomato paste and saute well.


Saute until oil separates from sides.


Add 1 cup water, ½ tsp sugar and 1 tsp salt.


Mix well adjusting consistency as required.


Add 2 tbsp cream and mix well.


Add 20 cubes of paneer and mix gently.


Cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until flavours are absorbed.


Add 2 tbsp coriander, ½ tsp kasuri methi and ¼ tsp garam masala. mix well.


Enjoy paneer butter masala with roti or naan.


  • Prepare the curry with butter for the best flavour.
  • Add a little sugar in curry to balance the flavour of tanginess.
  • Before adding to the curry you can roast the paneer.
  • Paneer butter masala recipe tastes great when prepared creamy.
  • 4 servings per container
  • Serving Size300g
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories635
  • % Daily Value*
  • Total Fat48.2 g61.79%
  • Saturated Fat0 g0%
  • Trans Fat0 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat0 g
  • Cholesterol22.7 mg7.57%
  • Sodium98.4 mg4.28%
  • Total Carbohydrate29.5 g10.73%
  • Dietary Fiber3.1 g11.07%
  • Protein20.4 g40.8%
  • Calcium727.8 mg55.98%
  • Iron1.7 mg9.44%
  • Potassium371.3 mg7.9%
  • Vitamin A676 mcg75.11%
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)52.5 mg58.33%
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol)0.2 IU0.61%
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)0.4 mg33.33%
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.2 mg15.38%
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)0.9 mg5.63%
  • Phosphorus440.1 mg35.21%
  • Magnesium48.4 mg11.52%
  • Zinc0.6 mg5.45%