Pizza VS Burger

Pizza vs Burger

Both pizza and burger are fast foods that most people like to eat them all over the world. Maybe, you are also one of them because these fast foods are delicious to eat.

When you get hungry and it is your snack time, without thinking before and after, you (maybe) tend to eat pizza or burgers, right? You are just not alone; there are so many people who think as you think.

At Piecorps, you might find a lot of your favorite fast foods. But getting your pizza or burger ready is not the ultimate thing. You should consider all about your health as well.

In most cases, tasty foods do not add health benefits to your overall health. Therefore, you should understand the health benefits before you eat something. Otherwise, you might suffer in the long run.

Are pizzas and burgers nutritionally rich?

To be honest, fast foods like pizza or burger are not rich enough in terms of nutrition. You can discover high fat and sodium in both foods that will add extra fat to your belly and are harmful to your heart as well. However, we are here today to make an unbiased comparison between pizza vs burgers so that you can be informed which should be better for you or not.

Through the article, I am going to make a comparison between pizza and burgers in terms of nutrition, mineral, and vitamin. Also, I will share the health impact of these fast foods so that you don’t have any confusion regarding the topic of the article, right? So, let’s jump into the main part of the content.


Both burgers and pizza contain protein but differently. When you analyze the amount of protein for the two types of fast foods, you will have the finding that a burger is richer than a pizza. It is because of the burger’s patty. On the other hand, you will find protein in cheese which is used to make pizzas. Also, the toppings you see on the pizza like beef or chicken also contain protein as well.

Both fast foods have comparable amounts of fat because these pizzas and burgers have high fats content. You will find a tiny difference in burgers vs pizzas, as they have more amount, 11g of fats per 100g while pizzas contain 10g of fats.

By the by, this distinction could be viewed as immaterial. Be that as it may, if garnishes are included cheddar and bacon pepperoni, burgers, pizzas and ham on, these numbers fluctuate as per the additional fixing.


When it comes to comparing vitamin content in pizzas and burgers, pizzas will be the winner in the competition. You know that pizza often has toppings of green leaves like green bell peppers which are rich in vitamin C. Also, you will get vitamin A from its cheese. From other parts of the pizza, you will get a B complex.

Conversely, burgers might not have leafy content in them that is a source of vitamin C. But you will get vitamin B complex and its family such as B1, B2, B3, B12, etc. So, you can realize that in terms of vitamins, pizza is more useful than burgers.


Pizzas are rich in phosphorus, manganese, calcium, and iron. The source of these minerals in pizza is its cheese. Also, you can get sodium while eating pizzas. If you make a calculation, you can find that you consume 600 mg of sodium per 100g cheese which is pretty well.

On the other hand, you can get a lot of iron from a burger’s patty or hamburger, 22 mg for every 100 grams. If you can add leafier, green vegetables on the toppings of the pizza before you serve it to your family or guests; you can obtain more mineral substances from them.

Health Impact

High sodium consumption is always detrimental to your overall health. It can cause a number of discomforts such as hypertension and related health issues. While eating pizzas regularly, you will be exposed to a high risk of hypertension.

Maybe, you have found that those who eat these fast foods regularly receive caloric reserve. It should lead those including adults and adolescents to obesity.

Burgers that contain hamburgers as a patty, have a lot of iron in them, 22 mg for every 100 grams. Another part of a cheeseburger is the measure of calcium that comes from the actual cheddar. Burgers likewise contain a lot of zinc. Like pizzas, burgers contain a high measure of sodium that can’t be ignored, 414 mg per 100 grams.

Homemade burgers and pizzas

However, you can only reap the health benefits of eating these rich in fat fast foods when it will be prepared with baker’s yeast. Yeast offers nutritional value to you that can boost your immune system, metabolic, and digestion improver.

Moreover, homemade burgers and pizzas have a more healthy nutritional value than the restaurant, so, it would be better for your health if you can make these fast foods at home which can be a source of protein, iron, vitamin B complex, fibers, and more.

Pizzas are set up differently, and the prescribed strategy is to set them up to satisfy solid longings. White, natural cheeses, for example, mozzarella should be utilized, and vegetables, garnishes are constantly prescribed pizza better and fulfill your yearning rapidly because of the relative multitude of filaments. If the mixture has yeast, it is better on account of the relative multitude of extra healthful advantages.

Final thought

When it comes to considering both burgers and pizzas in terms of their health benefits, you can receive these benefits from both or none. Repeated consumption of these fast foods might not add any health value to you. Instead, you might experience obesity in adults and adolescents. But these foods can help you get some nutrition, vitamins, and more if you can eat them moderately.

So, you should be a bit careful while eating fast foods like burgers and pizzas. Make sure you do not exceed your eating limit and you should not eat them frequently.