Perks of Collecting Wine: How Does Wine Boost Your Immune System?

wine bottles

Wine has been around for so long and comes with many purposes. Its existence proves that alcoholic drinks can be healthy and good for the body. Sure, wines are considered as alcoholic beverages, but since it’s made from grapes, it has tons of health benefits. Unlike other alcoholic drinks that you’ll find in the market, wines have the most number of advantages when it comes to your health.

With the existence of COVID-19 becoming a global health pandemic, almost every individual’s lifestyle became much more challenging. Those with weak immune systems are much more prone to acquiring this disease. If the virus is not managed well, it can lead to the death of many. Hence, the government is continually reminding its people to stay healthy and boost their immune system.

Aside from eating healthy foods and taking regular exercise, drinking a glass of wine can help improve your immune system. According to health experts, wine contains resveratrol, a compound found in grapes that can help regulate the blood flow. Hence, here are the reasons why a glass of wine might help you develop a healthier immune system.

Wines Have Antioxidants

One of the reasons entrepreneurs boost their efforts in selling wine is because of the number of health benefits it gives. Wines have antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals that can cause health problems. With this, your chances of acquiring deadly illnesses, such as cancer, hypertension, and the likes, decreases.

A study conducted by the University of Barcelona found out that drinking a modest amount of white wine allows you to get the right amount of phenols. These natural compounds are proven to strengthen one’s vascular functionality. Aside from that, it helps flush out the toxins in the body, making one’s blood cleaner.

It Increases Bone Marrow’s Density

Another integral part of one’s immune system is bone marrow. As you grow older, your bones tend to get more fragile. However, there are many ways of making it stronger by taking in more calcium, such as drinking milk. Additionally, sipping a glass of wine every day can also improve your bone marrow’s density.

Red and white wines have high silicon content, which effectively makes your bone marrow firmer. With this, you’ll reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about difficulty in moving as you’ll experience lesser joint pains.

It Reduces The Risk Of Developing Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) is a lymph tissue cancer caused by overcrowding of the lymph tissues and blood. It suppresses the function and formation of immune cells that help the body fight infection. This disease may be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and an inadequate intake of antioxidants.

An article published by the American Journal of Epidemiology cited the excellent effects of drinking a glass of wine every day. The compound resveratrol found in most red wines can help produce good antioxidants in the lymph nodes and improve its functionality. Although it’s still advisable to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and prescription, a modest intake of wine can reduce NHL risk.

It Decreases Bad Cholesterol

Too much cholesterol in the body can weaken the immune system and make the body prone to acquiring infectious diseases. Aside from that, cholesterol can cause severe heart diseases, block the blood from flowing freely, lead to cancer, and contribute to high blood pressure.

Hence, drinking a glass of white or red wine daily can promote the reduction of  LDL or bad cholesterol, while increasing the HDL or good cholesterol count. Moreover, it helps the circulation of blood more freely, which can lessen your risk of getting hypertension.

Keeps Skin Fairer And Healthier

Skin is also a part of the immune system and covers the cell tissues. It is important that we keep our skin glowing and healthy, so bacteria and germs find no room for entry. Aside from taking a daily dose of vitamins, a glass of wine can keep your skin healthier and fairer.

Wines contain flavonoids and tannins, which prevents the skin from aging. It aids in restoring the elastic fibers and collagen responsible for making the skin glow. Moreover, wines have anti-inflammatory properties that clear acne, cleanse the pores, and reduce the appearance of dark spots.


You need to keep your immune system healthy. It is the best way to fight any infectious diseases that you might acquire, especially with the recent events. Aside from the food you eat, you must also find an alternative and effective medication that can improve your overall lifestyle. Therefore, as you find ways to make your immune system stronger, consider drinking a glass of wine daily. Wine, with the various health benefits it gives, not only makes it fun to drink but nutritious, too.