Indian Street Food Every Food Lover Must Try

India is one proud nation where every state – every city has its own speciality. Let it be culture, clothes or cuisine. You enter any street and what welcomes you first is the sight of street vendors and the fragrance of food shooting up your appetite.

You may travel around the world but there ain’t quite anything like a tsunami of flavours chaat brings to you. There ain’t anything like Indian street food in this world. The best part is you can get a taste of entire India from North to South with these dishes. They are cheap, delicious and authentic. Do you know of one person who can resist Puchka or Pav Bhaji? We doubt.

Here we are sharing a list of street foods easily available on the streets of India in most states. Go give your taste buds a treat.


Vada Pav is a synonym to Mumbai. The simple flavours of deep-fried potato ball stuffed in bread and served with green chilli will give you foodgasm. The Indian style burger is really famous and is loved by people across India. On your next trip to Mumbai, have one at a roadside stall and devour the taste of real Mumbai.


Puchka in Kolkata, Pani Puri in Mumbai, Gol Gappe in Delhi and Patashi in Rajasthan this is probably most loved street food on India. Puchka is quite literally little bomb of spice and flavours ready to explode in your mouth the moment you bite in it. You won’t be able to stop hogging once you start.


Rightly the king of street food in Delhi and North- East India. You can spot a momos stall every hundred meters and people enjoying the piping hot momos with spicy chutney. There is a large number of variables you can opt from. From veg to chicken, mutton, tandoori momos and even Chinese and Italian now.


Imagine taking a bite of deep-fried potato pancakes loaded with flavours and spice and served with chole or chutney. Your mouth is already drooling. Isn’t it? Aloo Tikki is widely popular in North- India. Every city though has made their own version of it, believe it each one taste awesomelicious.


Dabeli is the popular evening snack in Gujarat which has made its way to hearts across India. Dabeli is stuffed with all kinds of goodness and flavours. Potato Tikki, meethi chutney, sev, pomegranate and loads of coriander, it’s a mouthful of flavours.


No Chinese restaurant can beat the roadside noodles often called chow mein served in almost every street in India. The spicy, saucy noodles tossed in local veggies like onion, capsicum and cabbage makes for a scrumptious street food delicacy which everyone must try.


You must be living under a rock if you are an Indian or ever been to India and haven’t heard or eaten chole bhature. The Punjabi delicacy is widely popular among people of all age groups. This is one dish people love to consume for breakfast as well as their lunch and dinner. Super filling, fits in the budget and absolutely delicious.


There ain’t a single thing in this world that even comes close to Seekh Kebab on Indian streets. The street food that hails from Lucknow has made its way around the globe and gets everyone drooling just by its sight. The minced mutton/ chicken cooked on the heat of coals makes for scrumptious, juicy kebab which is a must-try in India.


The quintessential Indian breakfast Poha is consumed in every part of the country. Every city has its own interpretation of Poha and believe us, they all taste The dish comes originally from Indore and if often paired with Jalebi.


Kachori from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh is what food heaven is made out of. The kachori comes stuffed with different ingredients. Right from Aloo kachori to pyaaz, dal and even heeng. The deep-fried goodness is served with chutney, Kadhi and potato curry.


Litti Chokha comes from the land of Bihar and is very similar to Dal Baati in Rajasthan. The Litti is balls made out of wheat flour and stuffed with Sattu served with chokha which is traditionally made using Eggplant or potatoes. The deadly combo is all things good.


If you ever end up in Kolkata, dare not miss on Kathi roll or Indian Frankie. Though they have made their way across the country now. Kathi rolls come in all fillings and satiate the cravings of all: Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarian. The filling is cooked in Indian spices and is rolled to perfection in all-purpose flour chapati. Served with an array of chutneys, this one is a must-try.


Talk about South Indian food and the first thing to cross the mind is Idli and Dosa served with Sambhar and coconut chutney. You can spot a stall every ten steps in South as well as North India selling their own versions of Dosa. The most popular being Masala Dosa. The pocket-friendly street food is super filling and taste divine.


A lip-smacking Tibetan soup, Thukpa, is a delight, especially in winters. Strong spices, noodles and veggies give an international touch to this ‘not-so-desi’ appetizer.The availability of this soup is still, however, limited. But the mild hot sensation that you get after slurping a bowl makes it worth searching for.


India’s love affair, Bhalla Papdi is a dish which you’ll find in all family functions, every street, and at times homes too. Its sweet and sour combination makes it an ultimate favourite of almost every person. Vada is soaked in a thick mixture of dahi/curd and spices. Topped with cashews, green chutney, and sweet tamarind chutney, Dahi Balla catches your eye whenever you are on an evening stroll. It is one of the best ways to beat the hot and humid temperature during the summertime.