Iced tea brands in India to quench your thirst!!

1. Jade Forest

Very famous for premium non-alcoholic beverages, Jade Forest has launched a refreshing and fun variation of iced teas. This ready-to-drink beverage has the sign of approval from leading flavor specialists in Denmark, and every bottle is packed with real fruit juice and antioxidants.
Price: Rs 85 for a 250 millilitres bottle

2. Brewhouse

Brewhouse promises the best quality, organic leaves in each sip of their bottled iced tea. The company works with local farms and hand-picks and hand-rolls every leaf. As a result, you get a refreshing beverage with just the right amount of sweetness from organic cane sugar and no empty calories or harmful additives.
Price: Rs 80 for a 350 millilitres bottle

3. Chill Inc

This company offers green tea-based iced beverages low in calories and sans any artificial colors or other harmful additives. Instead, each sip traces back to meticulously picked Nilgiri green tea leaves. Their apple, honey, and cinnamon flavor boost metabolism, while their strawberry and amla number are anti-inflammatory.
Price: Rs 50 for a 300 millilitres bottle.

4. Meal Of The Moment (M.O.M)

It is a brand known to offer ready-to-eat snacks, beverages, and meals with healthy ingredients and a touch of a mother’s care and love. They’ve now perfected the art of making nutritious servings of iced tea. Their chilled creation is brewed with premium black tea from the valleys of Assam, only has 28 calories per bottle, and has no added sugar.
Price: Rs 70 for a 270 millilitres bottle

5. Namaste Chai

This dynamic company is known to spotlight all things chai, with multiple franchise stores across the country. They also promise only fresh, natural ingredients in every brew. Of late, the aisles of stores have been brimming with iced teas by the company, offering refreshing flavors sans artificial colors, preservatives, or harmful sweeteners.
Price: Rs 50 for a 500 millilitres bottle

6. Vahdam

This famous brand promises quality, whole-leaf tea in every cup and even made it to the coveted Oscars gift bag this year. Their brews are non-toxic, organic, and sourced from farms. So naturally, their iced teas are premium and healthy as well. Sans additives and brimming with choicest ingredients, you can pick from.
Price: Rs 490 for a 150 grams pack

7. Karma Kettle

This artisanal tea brand aims to bring healthy brews straight from single-estate plantations to your morning cup. Their aromatic and flavourful range of teas are vegan, cruelty-free, and sans any harmful additives, and all the ingredients, including fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices, are sourced worldwide.
Price: Rs 240 for a box of 20 tea bags.

8. Te-A-Me

It is famous for offering all-natural, select brews that complement every mood and personality. They offer a wide range of teas crafted by experts and handpicked from the choicest estates. The same goes for their selection of iced teas in India, with options that include fruity and floral notes that are an instant mood lifter.
Price: Rs 200 for a box of 18 tea bags (approximately)

9. Mathieu Teisseire

This brand offers concentrated syrups that work fantastic with beverages, including teas and cocktails. Their passion for flavor has led to the finest ingredients to work with unique recipes, the payoff of which is as close to the natural fruit, flower, or leaf as possible.
Price: Rs 600 for a 700 millilitres bottle

10. Blue Tea India

This company offers organic teas that come from the choicest farms. They sundry their butterfly pea flower tea on organic bamboo mats to retain nutrition and claims to boost memory. The natural, vibrant blue shade also looks stunning when brewed, making for the ideal addition to a fun summer picnic or backyard party.
Price: Rs 426 for a 500 grams pack (approximately)

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