Hummus is 5 Reasons Away From Being Your Favorite Thing to Eat

If the Middle East has made us feel thankful for Za’atar and Sumac, how can we possibly overlook the special place Hummus has in our hearts? Made with garbanzo beans (chickpeas), sesame seeds and a healthy glug of olive oil, Hummus is on the cusp of becoming the national food of the world. Our love for Hummus is so intense we wouldn’t even mind voting for Hummus in a presidential election!

Anyways, getting back to Hummus’ plaudits galore. This important piece of Middle Eastern culture dates back to the 13th century. People often speculate as to whether this dip originated from the Middle East or Greece and there have been several debates on it. However, just to help you increase your knowledge, Hummus originated from ancient Egypt. There are many ways to make hummus. You’ll find some recipes that have a high sesame seed content, whereas some others call for garlic and lemon juice. But, you know what? It doesn’t matter what recipe or method goes into making this dip, one thing is for sure, you won’t be able to help yourself falling deeper in love with it.

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Hummus is a blank canvas. You can make it however you like and enjoy it with whatever ingredient you like. But, there are some qualities that Hummus possesses, which only add up and make this dip into a total ‘superfood’. That’s right, if you’re planning to binge-eat Hummus, then allow us to give you 5 more reasons to do so:

  1. Hummus Packs a Super-Nutritious Punch

What if we told you now you can do guilt-free snacking, at all times. Yes, and the credit for that goes to, Hummus. Since Hummus falls in the category of feel-good foods, you can munch on it, as much as you want. Serve it with some freshly toasted pitas, dunk some hot and crispy falafels or devour it on its own, one thing’s for sure, you are getting vitamins, minerals, good fats, fiber and all the good that you can imagine, right in one snack.

  1. Hummus Is Highly Anti-Inflammatory

Although you may have heard that inflammation is good for the body since it protects the body from all sorts of infections, injuries, and illnesses, sometimes however, if this inflammation persists for longer than usual, it paves way for several other health-related problems to arise. Thus, if you start eating Hummus, as an important condiment with all your meals, you can keep your body free from all sorts of inflammations.

  1. Hummus Keeps Your Gut Healthy

An upset gut can mess up with the mechanism of your entire body. Therefore, to keep your gut healthy, consider feeding it foods packed with fiber. Hummus has a high fiber content, which is best to keep your digestive system working smoothly. Moreover, Hummus increases the number of good bacteria in your tummy, which ultimately helps you digest your food better and keeps you ‘regular’.

  1. Hummus Keeps Heart Diseases at Bay

Another great thing about Hummus is that it keeps your heart rate under control. Those who add garbanzo beans (chickpeas) in their daily diet end up with lowered LDL, which is the bad cholesterol. And you know what happens when your LDL is lowered? Your heart remains healthy and you get to live a long, long life.

  1. Hummus is Great for Maintaining a Gluten-Free Diet

Food allergies have become a pretty common dilemma, lately. It is estimated around 200,000 Americans pay a visit to the emergency room, because of food allergies. People who suffer from such allergies often have a lot of trouble eating normal foods, since they experience severe discomfort while digesting these. Food allergies commonly occur due to gluten, nuts or dairy, which means you’ll have to quit eating foods that fall in these categories. However, chickpeas are free from the allergens that usually cause food allergies. So that means, you can eat Hummus without being afraid of any sort of irritability that you may think it would cause you.

Wrapping it up

Hummus is nonetheless, Middle East’s gift to the rest of the world. This nutritious, healthy and delicious dip is not only easy to make, but the ingredients that go in it are readily available too. So next time when you’re in the mood for some guilt-free munching, give Hummus a try. Who knows, you might be another to become obsessed with it?