Drive Away The Winter Chills With These 5 Dry Fruits!

Dry Fruits

Snuggling deep into blankets during winters is the easiest and coziest way to keep yourself warm. But, if you need to know a healthier alternative to keep yourself warm in winter, this post is just for you. 

Our diet during winter is crucial in keeping us warm and active. Therefore, our bodies start craving food that makes us feel warm. Some dry fruits can keep you away from the shivering chills. These nuts are a healthy alternative to oily fried food you always run to when feeling cold. They are not only a portion of great snacking food but also provide you with similar satiety as you get from oily snacks. Packed with essential nutrients, proteins, healthy fats, and vitamins, dry fruits are undoubtedly one of the healthiest munchies that provide you the much-needed warmth in winter. 

How do dry fruits keep you warm?

Dry fruits take a little more time to be digested, which results in naturally producing heat within our bodies during metabolism. Hence, health experts always recommend buying dry fruits online from trusted places to choose a nutritious way to stay warm during winters. However, they also suggest keeping an eye on the quantity as too many dry fruits can increase body heat to a level that can cause problems. 

Now, read below as we uncover a list of five dry fruits that work best to keep warm in winter. 

Dry fruits that keep you warm in winters

  1. Cashews

Who doesn’t love cashews, right? Still, most individuals avoid eating these curvy, white nuts and it is not because of kaju price but due to a commonly believed myth that cashews are too fatty. However, you need to bust this myth right away. Cashews are nuts packed with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. To be precise, they consist of healthy fats that you need for heat generation in the body during winter. In addition to this, cashews are rich in other nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. They also help regulate cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Cashews are a rich source of vitamin E that keeps your skin nourished and glowing during winters.

  1. Almonds

When listing dry fruits that keep us warm during winters, we can never forget the ‘king of dry fruits. Almonds are packed with fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids. Almonds not only control your cravings in winter but also increase body heat. These nuts are also a rich source of vitamin E, fatty acids, fiber, protein, zinc, and selenium. The various nutrients present in almonds make them a perfect component for your healthy diet. 

  1. Figs

Anjeer or figs are next on the list. This dry fruit consists of all essential minerals, nutrients, and fiber. Eating anjeer with warm milk before sleeping helps keep you warm. It also prevents seasonal infections. Figs are also a potential source of iron, magnesium, chlorine, potassium, sodium, calcium, manganese, vitamin A, B1, and B12. They also help in regulating insulin and blood sugar levels. 

  1. Pistachios

Pistachios are other wondrous nuts that keep you away from shivering in winter. Like various other dry fruits, pistachios are also packed with nutrients and produce heat naturally. Hence, they are a perfect addition to your winter diet. The essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins provided by pistachios prevent your skin from aging. One more reason to include these nuts in your winter diet is that they prevent free radical damage due to powerful Ultraviolet rays during winter. These dry fruits enhance blood circulation and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

  1. Walnuts

Winter is the best time to munch over nuts, and walnuts are yet another addition to the list of nuts that keep you warm in winter. Including walnuts in your daily winter diet keeps you warm and provides you with omega-3 fatty acids. It regulates cholesterol levels and benefits skin and hair in dry weather like winter. Walnuts also have anti-inflammatory properties. So, you can add these nuts to your salads, cakes, or cookies and relish all these benefits. 

To sum up

There are various nuts available to be consumed in winter. However, you must keep an eye on the quality you get. You can trust Wellcurve, which offers the best quality dry fruits and drives away the shivering winter chills. Along with keeping an eye on the quality, you should also try to use fresh nuts instead of those coated with salt or chocolate. We hope that you’ve found the five most effective dry fruits to keep yourself warm during winter in this post. So, do not let those winter chills get you anymore, and stock up on these nuts to include them in your winter diet. 

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