Coolest Tools to Revolutionize Your Baking Business

Baking Business

If you are looking to scale up baking from your side-hustle to your core business, then look no further! Once upon a time, there were only a few novel tools and a bevy of kitchen staples to aid aspiring Betty Crockers in their quest to make it big in the business of baking.

But the internet is a wide, wild place. As the base of would-be bakers, both casual and commercial alike, has blown up, so has the demand for innovation in the realm of baking. Bakers are looking for efficiency and uniqueness in their appliances. And the internet has delivered! In this day and age, there is no shortage of odds and ends available to bakers.

You can find all manner of gadgets if you look hard enough. Some are more helpful than others, and some are just…questionable. But if you are intent on scaling up the output of your amateur kitchen, or you are already in business and just want to expand your output, then look no further! Here is a list of ideas for gadgets that look to level up your baking game.

Air Fryer

If youíre looking for a baking essential on the go, take a good look at air fryers. Air fryers are an all around handy kitchen appliance for any aspiring chef or baker. They are capapble of frying (of course!) in a much healthier way than traditional frying methods. Better yet for your burgeoning baking business, they can create interesting and unique desserts for you and your clientís needs!

The best thing about an air fryer is the opportunity to combine sweet and savory in new and delicious ways. You are not limited to traditional sweets, although you definitely can explore those with an air fryer. Think donuts, but amped up to the max with bacon bits and maple syrup. Yummy!

The only downside to an air fryer is the range of sizes available to consumers. They tend to run on the smaller side, as in: you wonít be feeding any crowds with your yield from an air fryer. However, it is still worth the investment if you specialize in artisanal or small-batch goods.

Itís All About Silicone

When it comes to baking molds, baking mats, baking tools…really anything baking related, silicone is the way to go! Silicone is easy to clean. It is heat-resistant to a degree suitable for most baking projects. Best of all, unlike parchment paper or paper cupcake liners, silicone versions of your usual tools are reusable. Hello to saving the big bucks over time!

If you are trying to run an eco-friendly kitchen, silicone alternatives are the way forward. If you are looking for custom designs and shapes, silicone is a great investment for its durability and reliability. Otherwise, there are a ton of cute pre-made designs already cast in silicone available for purchase. The great thing about silicone molds is that they can be used for a great many other things, like cute ice trays or interesting shapes for cooling chocolate.

Cookie Press (With Designs!)

When your cookie business is still gaining traction and youíre not ready to invest in heavy duty, industrialized baking equipment, you are going to want to maximize the space you have at home. Efficiency and consistency is the key to making large batches of any baked good.

Consider a cookie press for consistently sized cookies every time. When youíre perfecting your recipe and honing your craft, the last thing you want to do is tire yourself out trying to manually size out every cookie. You can use an ice cream scoop, or you can go the professional route and get a cookie press. This cookie press comes with discs to insert so that you can press different designs in relief on your cookies. No extra effort needed!

Edible Ink Printer

Imagine printing a coupleís favorite wedding picture on a cake to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Or, for your childís birthday, you should up with a birthday cake ready to put the entire neighborhood to shame. Itís the most important centerpiece of any party. You definitely donít want to skimp on anyoneís special day, and neither do your clients!

With an edible ink printer, you can give the gift of customization to all of your clients. An edible ink printer can completely change your baking game. If you have an edible ink printer, there is no end to the possibilities of customization. Your clients will be delighted by the prospect of having one-of-a kind cookies.


Every baker can be successful if they put in the work and the time. Cool gadgets and nifty toys will not make a 5-star chef out of anyone, but they can significantly decrease the time you spend baking and help you spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.