Beat the Winter Blues with Fresh Meat Delivery

Winter may be exciting for the first couple of months, but by February most people are tired of shovelling their driveways before driving slippery, snow-covered highways and unploughed streets to get to work. 

Getting around during winter is never fun, which makes chores like grocery shopping extra difficult. The good news is that if you want to make things a bit easier for yourself this winter, you skip the supermarket and buy fresh groceries and your favourite high quality meats online.

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Delivery is Becoming More Flexible

Food delivery services — especially in large urban areas — are nothing new. From small pizzerias specializing in serving the late-night crowd to greengrocers who bring fresh produce straight to the doors of their loyal customers, delivery has been part of life for a long time. 

What makes modern delivery different is its responsiveness to different consumer needs. Traditionally, grocery delivery has worked best for housewives and freelancers who work from home because these people can make sure they are around to receive their orders when they arrive. 

For people who work a regular 9-5 job, or who don’t have a predictable schedule, making sure you’re home to receive your order can be as much of a hassle as just picking the groceries up on the way home from work. 

But with the rise of online ordering, a range of different food delivery services have raised the profile of grocery delivery, leading a new class of digital entrepreneurs to design services that are more flexible. 

Increasingly, online delivery is becoming the single most convenient way to buy groceries — and not just in large cities: app-based delivery is becoming common in smaller cities and towns around the world. 

Delivery is Becoming More Specialized 

Most people have ordered non-perishable staples like coffee or spices through Amazon.com or other major retailers at some point or another. But one of the ways modern delivery services are distinguishing themselves from the big tech giants is by offering specialized, bespoke delivery solutions that empower consumers to buy food more conscientiously. 

For example, a Canadian-based fresh meat delivery company has started to focus on delivering local, sustainable meat to customers in some of the nation’s biggest provinces. If you sign up for their service, truLOCAL delivers high-quality meat straight to your door in a specialized meat box that will keep your order fresh all day long. 

Not only does this put meat sourced from small, local operators within reach of ordinary people, it doesn’t require that you be home to receive the online meat box, making the entire process more convenient for busy urban and suburban workers. 

In cold climates, winter makes everything more difficult — including grocery shopping. But this winter you can take some of the frustration out of navigating gritty, slush-covered streets, congested highways, and overcrowded subway lines by having your groceries delivered to your home. 

And with the latest specialized services, shopping for groceries online guarantees that you’ll have access to fresh, quality products that will motivate you to explore new recipes and embrace a healthier lifestyle.