8 Premium North Indian Restaurants to Deliver the Delicacies to Your Door

North Indian Restaurants

Living in Kolkata, you will never be short of food options. From lip-smacking seafood to innumerable dosa varieties, there is so much to relish here. But one thing that people miss here is North Indian food. As they say, not every person is able to deliver the food taste that people want. So, here are some of the bests North Indian restaurants that will never disappoint you. From a huge variety to mouth-watering savory, you can find everything right here. So, pick the names, scroll the menu, and book everything that you have been missing out on. These places will deliver you your food heaven right at your doorstep.    

Arsalan Restaurant   

If you are looking for perfect authentic North Indian cuisine for your dinner, then you should place your order at the best of North Indian restaurants like Arsalan. This restaurant has everything from spicy to mild on its list. As starters, you can choose from mutton, chicken, fish, and veg kebabs. Then you can proceed to the gravy section, including numerous delicious muttons, chicken, fish, and veg gravies and curries. Also, there are options available for you to choose the bread you like. Last, but not least, there are ample biryani choices to pick and savor from. This place can certainly offer you a full-fledged dinner in one place.    

Aminia Restaurant   

Restaurant Aminia can be the wisest choice if you are looking for a meal to fill your stomach for the night. While most of the North Indian restaurants are open to a variety of food choices, Aminia is a bit above that. Aminia also offers full-course meals that an individual can savor. The choices include chicken biryani meal, mutton biryani meal, and other biryani combos. In fact, you can also choose from the family combos of North Indian food like family chicken meal, pulao paneer meal, etc. This is indeed a fabulous choice for a small family dinner night on the weekend.    

The Spice Route   

The name goes completely with the meaning of the North Indian restaurants. The Spice Route is the hub for every North Indian food that one would enjoy to the fullest. Savor a huge range of soups, non-gravy main course, gravy main course, ample bread choices, and countless salads. In fact, the starters available here include both Indian and Chinese cuisine. So, if you are looking for a place serving good food and good taste right at your home, then the Spice Route can add spark to your mood.    

Silver Spoon Club   

This club is the hub for a variety of North Indian starters. Here you can find a wholesome range of Hakka noodles, chicken noodles, fish fry, fish fingers, soups, chicken wings, nuggets, mutton kebabs, and a lot more. If you are thinking of organizing a feast of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, then this place can be one of the North Indian restaurants to consider. The ample range of starters here can give you enough choices to pick and something new to try each day.    

Raj Restaurant   

If you are looking for the perfectly authentic North Indian cuisine in Kolkata, then this place can be your go-to. Its menu card is filled with North Indian delicacies that are delicious and enough to satiate your hunger. Get a feast at home with a North Indian restaurant like this. Here you can pick from numerous delicious snacks like pakora, mushroom chilly dry, chicken chilly, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, shahi paneer, tadka dal, and so much more. Starters, main course, Indian bread, desserts, etc., you can find everything right here.   

Delicious Taverna   

A look at its menu card online is enough to make you place an order straight away. This place has ample cuisines with Chinese and North Indian options. From the countless North Indian restaurants, this is one of the handpicked ones. It particularly specializes in the world of chicken by introducing a variety of soups, starters, and main courses in this. Also, there are different options for biryani and fried rice too. However, its heavenly taste is another reason why it is among the favorites in Kolkata.    

Tandoor Box 

The name is enough in itself. Tandoor Box is the hub for the best North Indian foods in town. This place pioneer’s multiple types of tandoori specialties like a variety of paneer tikka, varieties of fish kebabs, a mouth-watering range of chicken kebabs and chicken tikka, range of spicy and flavored mutton kebabs, etc. With this, tandoori roti and tandoori naan are among the options to savor with the tikkas and kebabs. This North Indian restaurant is the best place in town to know what can be available in the range of tikkas and kebabs.    


As the name says, Bawarchi is the house of experts who are great at cooking. Being in Kolkata, this place can still take you close to North Indian food with a happening range of North Indian food. This place specializes in two cuisines of Chinese food and North Indian food. However, the place is great at bringing spicy flavors close to one another and enhancing the taste of the ingredients. Looking for great taste, balanced spiciness, and a vast range of food? Then this North Indian restaurant is worth a try. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly place to kill your hunger and enjoy great food.    

You will not ask for anything more if you have ordered from these places. From balanced flavor to enough quantity to savor, these North Indian restaurants can give you everything straight away. And the best part is, instead of going to these places, you can call them right at your home by placing an order at Swiggy. This online platform can bring you your feast straight to your home or workplace. Whether you want to party alone or want to host a celebration, Swiggy can be a quick option at all places. So, order online directly to bring your North Indian feast to you.   

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