6 Amazing Gifts for Champagne Lovers

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for a champagne lover? Or you have a colleague or family member who loves to pop the bubbly? You will definitely love this gift guide. 

Champagne is perfect for all occasions and holidays. There is nothing quite like sabering a bottle of champagne in an occasion. Enjoying a glass of wine is great, but there is something about sabering a bottle of champagne. There is a natural excitement in the air when a bottle of champagne is popped.
Here are creative champagne gift ideas.

  1. Champagne Saber

As I just mentioned, opening a bottle of champagne is quite thrilling. A champagne saber would be a perfect gift, especially if the recipient is an entertainer or adventurous. A great saber will make them feel like a champagne samurai. 

2. Bubbly cocktail recipe books

We all love cocktails, or who doesn’t? Whether it is a jug of pimm’s at your Christmas party or a retro snowball at your summer barbeque party, there is a drink for every occasion. Not everybody is a natural bartender, and cocktails shouldn’t remain the secrets of bartenders. A champagne and wine cocktail recipe book would be an incredible gift to any wine lover. 

3. Wine and Champagne Chillers

Every wine lover will tell you they like all their wine and champagne at the right temperature. Warm champagne that has gone flat is not enjoyable. In case they don’t have ice or don’t want drippy bottles, an iceless wine cooler would be a perfect gift. Alternatively, you can go with an ice bucket if they don’t mind ice or drippy bottles. 

4. Champagne Stopper

Unless the recipient is a heavy drinker, any wine lover would appreciate a bottle stopper. A great champagne stopper should have an air-tight seal. Otherwise, your champagne will go flat just too fast. Note that champagne and wine bottles are not the same. So, a champagne stopper may not fit your regular wine bottle. 

5. Wine Condoms

As they say, a glass or two of wine a day is good for the heart. If you drink wine regularly, I’m sure you don’t finish every bottle you open. But you want it as fresh when you open that bottle again the next day or after a couple of days. Well, you can use wine condoms to keep your bottle of champagne fresh while it’s stored away. Wine condoms are humorous accessory to purchase alongside a bottle of champagne and a great gift to any champagne lover holding a party, bachelorette party, a birthday party, etc.  

6. Champagne flutes

This list would not be complete without champagne glassware. A champagne flute is a necessity for any champagne lover. Champagne flutes are classy and would make the perfect gift. There are varieties too. There are stemless and stemmed flutes, as well as glass and plastic flutes. Plastic flutes are cheap, recyclable, and won’t break easily, but stemmed glass flutes are classier. Any of these gifts alongside a bottle of champagne makes a perfect gift package. Want to gift a champagne lover? Have your champagne gifts delivered at your request. 

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