5 Bars in the West End with a Difference


London is packed to the brim with all types of clubs and bars ranging from small pubs to glamorous cocktail bars. Most of these places offer a great time if you are seeking the instant gratification of downing several pints at a go. But if you are looking for an immersive experience, you need to look harder. Luckily, we are always on the lookout for the coolest bars in London, so that you don’t have to. Here is a list of the quirkiest bars in west London, where crazy themes and out-of-this-world experiences go with gratifying cocktails.

ABQ London

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, you will identify Walter White’s face on the front of the counter at the ABQ RV bar. ABQ London promises to teach patrons the finer details of molecular mixology while they prepare their favourite cocktails, and does not disappoint. After downing the welcome drink, patrons don protective gear and apply chemistry techniques in making cocktails. It is an authentic science experience with plenty of fumes, foam, and booze.

The Murder Express

The Murder Express is one of the most popular clubs in London due to its exceptional immersive experience. Patrons board the luxury carriage at Pedley Street Station, where they enjoy wine and food while solving crimes. Throughout the journey, revelers encounter colourful theatre characters with hilarious plots. Eventually, the patrons will discover a murder and team up in an attempt to resolve it and bring the culprit to justice. However, the organisers have an event schedule, so you need to look out for the next trip.

Tropicana Beach Club

Aptly decorated like a tropical beach, Tropicana Beach Club features a deep blue theme, with colourful palm trees standing in the background. The dance floor is shaped like a lagoon with the entrances resembling coves on the beach. There are several cabanas spread throughout the club to give revelers the immersive feeling of enjoying fruit-infused cocktails on a sun-baked tropical island.

The Moonshine Saloon

If you fancy an encounter with bearded characters from the notorious Wild West, then the Moonshine Saloon might fulfill your fantasy. True to its name, The Moonshine Saloon features fancy characters with cowboy hats, cards, and Colts on the table ready for action. To top it up, they let patrons bring booze from the bar so that the in-house mixologists can spice it up into a smooth cocktail. It is an exhilaratingly immersive experience with charming staff who stick to their character throughout the stay.

Play and party at the Swingers club

Swingers promises the holy trinity of booze, street food, and golf and does not disappoint. This is the ultimate destination for those who whole love to play golf in a party atmosphere. Revelers enjoy tasty cocktails and pizzas from the best street food vendors in London, while requesting their favourite songs from the DJs. And in the serene golf-themed park, patrons can test the mini golf course while sipping cocktails. But if you don’t fancy golfing, the plentiful street food might whet your appetite.