Why QuickBooks is a panacea for all your accounting issues?

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One of the biggest mistakes done by most of the business owners is that they donít pay much attention to their accounting. Without any experience and without any knowledge of all the different departments of a business, people start thinking that all they have to focus on is their sales and marketing but thatís not true. You should know that if you will continue with the same approach then by the time you will realize the importance of accounting, you will be in over your head. And it generally happens with small and medium sized businesses as they are not able to make the paradigm shift while commencing a business.

Accounting displays the financial health of the business and this is why it is so important. If you will not maintain your accounting properly then you will never be able to attract investors as you will never be able to show the current financial status of your business. In addition to this, you will never be able to make a proper budget because you will have no clue about your current financial situation, and even your decision making skills will be hampered. But you can get rid of all these issues by choosing hosted QuickBooks as your accounting partner.

QuickBooks is currently one of the most popular and used accounting software all over the world with 85% of market share in the U.S only. After zeroing down the available list of options in the accounting software, you will come to know that QB is the only accounting software that can fulfill all your accounting needs. This advanced accounting software has been around from quite a long time and it surely lived up to the expectations of both professionals and SMEs. But what are the features of QB that makes it a panacea for all your accounting issues?

Letís find out through this blog post.

Easy to use

One of the first things that you will notice after using QuickBooks accounting software is its very easy to use. Well, this advanced accounting software started its journey as personal accounting software and this can be one of the main reasons why it has always kept its UI and features very simple. Since most of the small and medium-sized businesses donít have much knowledge about accounting, the features of this advanced accounting software are kept simple so that anybody can use it. Whether it is about reconciliation or just maintaining your books regularly, you can do each and everything with ease and just within a click.

The quick and detailed report generation ability of this advanced accounting software makes it perfect for each and everyone. The user-friendliness of QB cloud hosting makes it one of the most preferred accounting software all over the world.

Compatible with cloud

Another major reason why so many people are ready to use this advanced accounting software is it’s compatible with cloud. In the modern era, if you will keep using the accounting software by installing it on your desktop then you will never be able to streamline your accounting and you will always be limited to various factors. This is one of the main reasons why most of the people are now preferring cloud accounting solution instead of the traditional accounting solution. But there are many accounting software that is not compatible with cloud and therefore, you can never move them to the cloud platform but that is not the case with QuickBooks hosting.

You will be surprised to know that QB is one of those accounting software solutions that made the first move to the cloud computing platform. It doesnít matter which version or edition of QB you are using, you will always be able to host it on the cloud without any hassle. All the versions and editions of QB are cloud compatible.

A wide array of versions and editions

A single software version can never act as a panacea for all the accounting needs. The accounting needs of one-industry are far cry from what other industry needs and thatís why they zero down the available accounting software solutions very precisely. From the construction industry to the e-commerce industry, the accounting needs vary. But you will not have to worry about your specific business needs while choosing QB as it has different versions and editions for all businesses. On the basis of the size of your business, you can pick from the three different versions of QB; Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

And if you are looking for industry-specific features then also you can from the different industry specific versions of QB. So it doesnít matter what is the size of your business or which industry you are in, QuickBooks will always fulfill your needs.

As you can see, QuickBooks is surely an impeccable accounting solution for each and every type of business. From being hosted on the cloud to offering you easy to use features, this advanced accounting software offers you many advantages.

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