Why Coinswitch is the Best Site for Trading Cryptocurrency in 2020

Thinking of investing in crypto coin? You definitely need a cryptocurrency trading platform that can meet all your requirements and is safe to use.

There are certain factors that you should look for in the best trading platform – security, reliable, liquidity, user experience among other factors.

Here are 8 reasons why CoinSwitch is the best site for trading cryptocurrency in 2020

  1. Reliable: CoinSwitch is extremely reliable. If you run into an issue, you can contact CoinSwitch’s 24×7 support to fix those. CoinSwitch also has been vetted by several independent experts which lends it a ton of credibility.
  2. Secure: CoinSwitch’s URLs are in HTTPS format. The payments are also extremely secure and you receive the converted currency in your wallet in less than half an hour. Should you run into any issues, CoinSwitch will prevent your funds from being misplaced and also reimburse you in case there is a hack. CoinSwitch also doesn’t store your funds so the chance of an actual hack is very low.
  3. Payment methods: CoinSwitch supports tons of payment methods. If you wanted to buy Bitcoin with credit card, you can definitely do so on CoinSwitch. You can also sell other coins and convert that into a coin.
  4. Best aggregator: CoinSwitch is the largest and best crypto exchange aggregator in the market. This helps you get the best conversion rates. CoinSwitch’s trading bots crawl all the cryptocurrency platforms to trade eth btc or any other crypto, and finds the best price. The price is also locked in for 5 minutes and a user can have transparency over the price, withdrawal and conversion rates.
  5. User experience: CoinSwitch’s website allows you to convert, trade and sell so easily. It has the best UI/UX of all the trading platforms out there. It is good for amateurs as well as experts.
  6. Anonymity: CoinSwitch offers its users anonymity that a lot of exchanges don’t. If you are someone who cares about privacy, then CoinSwitch is the place to be. You don’t have to sign up for an account to trade crypto coins.
  7. Versatility: You can trade over 400 coins and 45000 trading pairs on CoinSwitch. Users from over 200 countries can use CoinSwitch.
  8. Resources: CoinSwitch offers a ton of resources – blogs – to get you acquainted with cryptocurrency, best crypto coins to invest in and what the trends in the market are.

There are other websites but there are so many advantages to using CoinSwitch plus the anonymity helps it put it way above other competitors as a crypto trading platform. So, it should definitely be your top choice for trading cryptocurrency in 2020.

Image Credit: Cryptocurrency via r.classen/Shutterstock