What Does a Homeowner’s Insurance Adjuster Do?

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A home insurance adjuster is an individual sent over by your insurance company to assess the damage to your home when you make an insurance claim. This article takes a detailed look at the duties of the home insurance adjuster and how to have dealings with them.


It is compulsory for an individual making insurance claims to have dealings with a home insurance adjuster. If you have no previous dealings with an insurance adjuster, it could be a bit difficult to handle them. There is a possibility that the insurance adjuster sent over to your house is looking to find faults in your claim. For you to get the best insurance payment from your policy provider, you have to know who insurance adjusters are, and how to deal with them when making a claim.

The damage may have already been done to some parts of your home, but knowing the way to make a deal with your adjuster will get you a much better insurance payment for your home repairs. 

What is a Home Insurance Adjuster?

The homeowner’s insurance adjuster works for your insurance company. The duty of the adjuster is to assess the claim you are making and come to a conclusion on the amount the insurance provider has to pay for the repair of your home. The homeowner’s insurance adjuster is an employee of the insurance provider or is in a contract with them. This means that these individuals are more inclined to work with the best interest of their employer. They are also there to make a better case for the policy provider as insurance companies always want to pay the lowest amount possible for your home repairs. The homeowner’s insurance adjuster is meant to assess your claim, make a quote of the amount the insurance company will pay, which is sometimes the lowest amount the insurance company needs to pay. When you are in need of advice on how to properly deal with a homeowner’s insurance adjuster; or you need an unbiased evaluation and settlement for the insurance claim you have made, there are licensed public adjusters that can provide the information you need. 

How to Negotiate with your Home Insurance Company’s Adjuster

Your homeowner’s insurance adjuster should not intimidate you when you are in a negotiation. Insurance policy providers are fond of handing lower offers to their clients with the hop that the client will opt to get the services of public adjuster or cut a deal on the claim amount.

An insurance company cannot lose when they hand you a low offer to initiate the negotiation. If it happens that you are not satisfied with the deal and reject it, the insurer may suggest you accept a better offer and save money in the process through avoiding a prolonged negotiation. When negotiating with the adjuster sent over to your home, you must take note of the following:

The insurance company must act in your best interest

When an insurance company sells a homeowner’s policy to you, there is a contract existing between both parties. This contract makes it compulsory for your policy provider to give payouts for fixing some damages in your home. If the insurance provider is acting in a manner that arouses suspicion of an unwillingness to help you repair the damage to your building, then they are not acting in your interest. An insurer shouldn’t be reluctant to properly assess the damage done to your home, or keep postponing appointments as it could mean they don’t want to help you with the damage to your home. You can use such companies. The reason why many insurance companies will always listen to your claim and respond appropriately is because they want to avoid an expensive lawsuit at all costs.

The advantage is with you:

A homeowner’s insurance adjuster deals with many claims on insurance regularly. The advantage you have is that your claim is the only thing on your mind. You can have all the knowledge about your home and insurance claim work for you. This will make you get a better deal from your policy provider.

Getting your recoverable depreciation is made easier when you know how to deal with your homeowner’s insurance adjuster. Some people may ask “what is recoverable depreciation?” Recoverable depreciation is any amount that you are able to receive from your insurance provider when you make a claim. There is also a possibility for homeowners that have replacement cost values (RCVs) on their insurance coverage. The insurance provider normally pays this sum in two installments. 

What Happens When Negotiations Fail?

The homeowner’s insurance adjuster is less likely to offer you a fair settlement to fix the damage to your home. This is because they have the interest of their employer to reflect on whenever they work on assessing claims. It is a possibility that your insurance adjuster may offer you a very low price which may get the both of you into a very ugly argument. You are not under compulsion to accept the initial offer from your insurance provider. But if it happens that the policy provider declines the insurance claim from you or refuses to pay for some parts of the restoration of your home, getting a public adjuster or attorney should be the next step you take.


With the advice we have provided, you should be able to get a good deal from your homeowner’s insurance adjuster. In the event that the adjuster gives a low quote, you can also get the help you need from other sources to get your home restored from the damage you experienced.