The Success Of Timothy Sykes In Penny Stock Trading & His New “Millionaire Challenge”

Penny Stock Trading

Tim Sykes appears to be an entrepreneurial success for the time but if you dig deeper into his success, you will come to realize that he has made more money selling his ideas and teaching others how to become a success in the most volatile of markets.

He is most recognized for his penny stock expert. trader expertise. His ability to target these trades in unmatched and his experience on banking-off these trades remains uncontested. This, in turn, helps him gain investor confidence which is largely established based on his research work.

There are no guarantees in life, but with this program targeted to be mostly educational is definitely money well spent. With a close study of the data provided, you can actually make safe bets on the most volatile of markets, the stock market.

His ability to establish an impressive repertoire as a young trader helped his popularity grew by leaps and bounds at a very young age. His friends and family approached him to invest in their behalves, and the story yet again was a success, which led him to believe that he could form a hedge fund on behalf of all parties involved.

Tim’s hedge fund was called the Cilantro Fund during the last year of his college career at Tulane University. In its prime, the fund was managing only $3 million simply because short selling penny stocks are not meant to be a scalable strategy. One can earn between $1 to $3 million per year short selling penny stocks, unlike larger hedge funds that can go upwards of $10 million due to the size and large volume of shares it trades. Its initial success came with the Barclay Group rating The Cilantro fund as the top short biased hedge fund between 2003-2006. It was also listed in Trader monthly ”30 under 30” as of the top upcoming hedge funds on the street. His success story in such a short period earned him a spot in the 1st season of the reality program popularly known as Wall Street Warriors.

Tim was portrayed as the smart alec of the show who had little or no regard for others on the show. He admits to being drunk during most of his interviews on the show due to his fund not doing as well as he had imagined (20% annually). This led Tim to start looking into other investment options/strategies and his eventual success in the market. Just one bad investment in a friend’s father’s company, Cygnus E-Transactions, where his fund lost a third of its value in the year 2007.  Once the series aired Tim quickly earned more notoriety and along with it came scores of emails from a variety of people who wanted to learn his methods of trading penny stocks. This sudden inquisition into his trading methods helped him in finding the inspiration to write his book “An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund”. The PDF format of this was available online, free of charge.

After Wall Street Warriors, Sykes continued day trading and was ranked number one out of 60,000 traders on Covestor, a platform that verifies a trader’s performance had him ranked number one among a group of 60,000 traders. Tim continued to aggressively day-trade after the completion of the Wall Street Warriors reality series. Along with being a fierce trader Tim remained an educator in the field and launched his blog, providing regular blog posts and videos to his readers. In the process, he managed to expose businesses and celebrities involved in “pump and dump” scams. Just to name a couple, Justin Bieber and Shaquille O’Neal are but some of the more popular celebrities he has publicly shamed for their involvement in pump and dump schemes. His blogs quickly gained further attention which led Tim to start 3 different newsletters due to high readership of the information he was providing. These newsletters include “Tim’s Alerts”, “Penny Stocking Silver”, and “Tim’s Millionaire Challenge”. These newsletters issues concerning traders from beginner to advanced trader and continues to provide this service to this day.

Tim has earned close to $5 million with trading alone but the majority of his earnings are generated through the sales of his educational materials which include his newsletters, conferences, and high-quality DVDs. Although seemingly expensive, his DVD is worth every penny if you want to learn his trading methods/strategies at length. His DVDs can be found on eBay for a fraction of the retail price, put on sale by former students of Tim’s programs. Search his store for promo codes as well, as he is always coming up with package deals for his DVDs.

Is Tim’s “Millionaire Challenge” Worth the Money?

$5,000 is your subscription price for the program and there is a thorough interviewing process before you can even qualify to join this rather prestigious program. Through this program, Tim has been able to produce several millionaires over the years and the program has displayed the highest rate of success for penny stock trading as compared to any other mentor.

Is Timothy Sykes a Scam Artist?

Most infomercials regarding trading and turning $12,000 into $4 million seem like quick scams and the methods are generally unproven. Timothy Sykes marketing himself on his Instagram account displaying his extravagant lifestyle, flashy cars, piles of money and exotic vacations do give rise to some skepticism regarding his program and gives the haters an opportunity to speak ill of Tim Sykes as a person, declaring him a fraud or scam artist, taking people on a ride for their money with his programs.

The fact that his programs have produced successful students like Tim Grittani, Steven Dux, Mark Croock, Tim Bohen, Jane Gallina and Roland only goes to prove that if you work dedicatedly with his program, results can be achieved for a promising trading future.

Tim’s Alerts are designed to give you an understanding of trends in the market and those that have followed his programs have often seen tangible results that have made them millionaires in turn.