Standard Steps to Choose the Right Credit Card and get Maximum Benefits

How to select the right credit card? It is a common question we face from various people all over. In this blog post, we will give you a proper insight into the ways in which you can choose the right credit card for yourself. Following are some important features that will help you select the right credit cards.

Never accept Co-Branded credit card

In the last few years, the credit card market is overflowing with co-branded cards. These cards are released by the bank with the association of other brands like Big bazaar card, Jet Airways card, Yatra credit card, HSBC make my trip credit card, etc. The disadvantage of co-branded credit cards that all the benefits of credit card links to the partnered brand. For instance, if you will use ICICI big bazaar credit card, then you are entitled to get 6 reward points for Rs 100, which is spent in Big Bazaar, but for purchases done in Non-big bazaar places will only award you 1 reward point.

Banks want partnership because they help to promote the banks and without many efforts, banks receive optimum advertising. Banks tend to get more customers for a credit card. The only loser in this chain is the user, who is having a co-branded credit card. For people, who have high loyalty for one particular brand or place, they will be the gainers of co-branded credit cards. In this manner, the best credit card in India will be the one which has no brand partnership.

Cash Back Cards

If we have to talk about cash back cards, then we should say, it is still at a very nascent stage in the nation for mainly two reasons.

  • Annual or Renewal Fees
  • There are a lot of if and but conjoined with cash back cards. For instance, for any credit card, the minimum amount must be rs 1000/ transaction to be eligible for 5% cash back or in a Kotak Trump Gold card, there is a minimum amount allotted for the dining and movies purpose. It must be around Rs 5000 within the current billing cycle.
  • Therefore, it is highly essential to understand the pattern of expense before you apply for cashback credit cards. If you have an excessive spending nature, then credit cards offering 5% cashback is fine. However, credit cards that are outweighing the cost of Annual and Renewal fee are not at all beneficial.

VISA and Master Card Payment System

All credit cards have the logo of Visa, American Express, Master Card, Maestro etc. Numerous people still have the notion that credit cards are only manufactured by VISA and Master Card. However, in reality, VISA and Master do not dispense cards; they are a kind of payment gateway who connects the Merchant Bank and the Bank. These are also dependent on banks to issue a credit card with the help of their payment system. If you have to get a credit card, then see the structures of VISA and Masterís Card.

  • VISA and Master Card offers their customers with discounts and benefits so that they can increase the use of payment gateway. For example, VISA Blockbuster weekend proposal can be like buy 1 get 1 on any movie tickets portal. At times, they might give you 5 or 10 per cent on hospital bills. As a matter of fact, before you make any purchase it is highly essential to check for offers as any rupee saved is rupee earned.
  • Overseas countries may only affirm VISA and Master Card, therefore, travelling abroad must entail the user having one VISA or Master Card.  

Go for Interest-free EMI Credit Card

Banks like ICICI, HDFC and Citi Bank are giants in the banking industry who supports interest-free easy EMI for the users. This is a great opportunity for people who want to buy electronic goods, travel at constant intervals. For those, using interest-free EMI credit cards is the best option. Presently, credit card comes with high-interest rates; using an interest-free EMI has big savings, in cases where you can pay a lump sum. Some of the current and live offers are as follows

  • Transfer all purchases to HDFC credit card at any LG shoppe and get 9 months easy EMI.
  • Convert tickets through the make my trip app and get 3,6 and 9 months easy interest EMI. You can also use ICICI or Citi Bank to enjoy the same benefits.  


Before you want to apply for credit cards, it is essential to check all the payment opportunities. Most of the banks offer services to use NEFT. If the credit card you choose does not have any easy mode of payment, then that credit card will not grant as many benefits as you expect from it. You can also read credit card Guide by financesmarti.