Pay with Ethereum – List of places Accepting ETH

Most people don’t apprehend that Ethereum has numbers of applications. Before you must have a Go URL for getting Ethereum, you must start looking for online stores that allow paying with Ethereum.

Nowadays, you can purchase nearly everything you require using cryptocurrencies – that is, as far as you know where to check! A fast online search will reveal several stores and apps that authorise you to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin. By doing so, you don’t just protect your solitude and enjoy low fees, but you also help accelerate mass adoption.

It’s not merely blockchain projects that can accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Any business – both online and offline – can obtain crypto for their products or help.


Where to Pay With Ethereum

Let’s catch a look at programs that are previously accepting Ethereum as a form of payment. Appreciations to them, the variety of things you can buy utilising Ethereum is remarkably diverse.

Online Stores that Accept Ethereum

Many schemes in this section are just traditional marketplaces that accept both conventional money and cryptocurrencies. The large bulk of those stores built on either Shopify or WooComerce – the two e-commerce behemoths that influence over 4 million stores. Each of these platforms enables stores to accept Ethereum by managing several gateways.

Other marketplaces in this section are geared exclusively towards the crypto community and accept only digital currencies.

GipsybeeAll things electronic: smartphones, laptops, drones, and so on. Gypsybee also features fashion, sports, camping equipment, and more. The store accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, and EUR.
Peddler.comPeddler is a social marketplace: first, you team up with other users who want to buy the same items. Next, you pressure the seller to lower the price. The more people join in, the lower the price you can unlock. You can buy beautiful design items, bags, strollers, gadgets, etc.
FlubitUK’s largest independent marketplace allows you to pay with Ethereum.
Direct VoltageDirect Voltage sells all things DIY, home improvement, amateur engineering, 3D printing, solar panels, and more.
OpenSeaA marketplace for crypto collectibles, including characters for CryptoKitties, MyCryptoHeroes, Neon District, etc. – over 1.2 million pieces in total.
Spheroid UniverseA blockchain marketplace for AR/VR properties, called Spaces. Each space is assigned its own non-fungible token.
FLOGmallA decentralized e-commerce platform where you can place private ads and buy all kinds of things for Ethereum.
OpenbazaarOpenbazaar allows users to buy and sell a broad range of things. They accept all sorts of cryptocurrencies and traditional money.
ZorketAn international retail fashion marketplace offering apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories.
WeShopwithCryptoA blockchain-driven e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs can create and scale online stores. It supports 25+ cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.
CheapAirThis flight ticket aggregator started accepting Ethereum in May 2019. By that time, it had processed over $5 million in BTC payments.
DestiniaDestinia is used for hotel bookings, flights, travel packages, car rentals, and even bus tickets in Latin America. If you wish to pay for your next Hertz rental or an adventure in Peru using Ethereum, this is your best option.
GreitaiGreitai is a Lithuanian low-cost flight search engine where you can book a ticket in 3 minutes.
Airstream JetsAirstream Jets offers business jet rentals with distance-based pricing. Services include hotel accommodation, catering, event tickets, and more.
OnairparkingA US-based aggregator of airport parking providers.
Black BoatstersBlack Boatsters offers luxury yacht rentals with 24/7 VIP concierge service.
CryptoJauntA full range of travel services: from flight bookings to adventure travel, group tours, honeymoon trips, and even visa support.
TripioSimilar to AirBnB, this platform lets you rent your property and get paid in Ethereum and other cryptos.
TravalaTravala allows you to book 560 000+ hotels in 210 countries. You can pay in 13 different cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies. The platform also has a tokenized incentive program and many exclusive deals.
TrippkiTrippki also provides a database of 1.6 million hotels and a members-only travel club with discounts of up to 70%. You can make your booking using Ethereum.

It’s still quite unusual in today’s market to examine stores that raise payments using your favourite cryptocurrency. The restrictions that cryptos face today as a form of amount are comparable to POS machines covered in the past.


Cherish when only some stores had POS machines used for card payments? A few times later – and swiping your card on a POS suggests like something you couldn’t live without.

Within a few years, the chances are that spending with Ethereum might be just as popular as contactless payments are now.

Using and Ethereum Payment Provider

If you require to begin receiving Bitcoin for your services, you will need to GO URL and use a widget that is more generally known as an “Ethereum payment gateway”. These gateways can be downloaded from your website developer (if you are using Shopify) or manually patched in the code.

Wrapping up

You now have many options for your future Ethereum-based purchases. In the short term future, the list of stores that accept Ethereum will only raise larger. Therefore, ensure you leave a comment with the stores you know accept payments made with ETH. Now, go forward and promote mainstream adoption – Pay with Ethereum for all your ultimate online purchases.