Money Transfer: All You Need to Know

Money Transfer

Your friends went on vacation, but got into an unpleasant situation: their bag with all the money was stolen from them. They called you and asked for a loan. You are ready to transfer the required amount, but how best to do it? We talk about all the possible online money transfer services.

Online money transfer methods

Three people always participate in a money transfer: the sender, the recipient and the intermediary – the one who delivers the money to the addressee.

You can transfer money between banks, through online payment systems or offline payment systems’ offices. Electronic wallets are also used for these purposes. Of course, in order not to hurry anywhere and get your funds fast to any part of the world, many people choose online services that’ve been around for years, and years, and years.

Advantages of online money transfer

Here are a few benefits of using online services:

1. Online money is always clean. And your hands too

Going online means you value your health. It is an efficient and secure way to send money home. Now it is especially important to take care not to expose your health to unjustified risks. All you need is your mobile phone, computer or tablet – you just need to press a few buttons and you’re done: your funds have been successfully transferred! We highly recommend regularly wiping down your device with antibacterial cleaning wipes. And if you need help with international money transfer, you can contact operators.

2. Avoiding crowds

Sending money online is the safest alternative to branch transfers. This way you can transfer money abroad from the safest and most comfortable place on earth: your home. In addition, by choosing online services, you will avoid possible queues, save valuable time and protect yourself from the risk of infection: you do not have to wait, touch any surfaces (except your mobile phone or computer) or interact with anyone physically.

3. Spread love, not germs

They say that sharing is necessary and useful, but you will surely agree that sharing money over the Internet is much better than sharing microbes in a bank. So why not share your money with loved ones without unnecessary risk? Send money home with an app or through a website, and feel in control in the comfort of your own home.

5. Fast transfers

You can pay for the goods you like in the shortest possible time, which will save the buyer from unnecessary worries. This also applies to various services – for example, if a user wants to access any video course, book or other information, an online service will allow you to immediately deposit the required amount.

Points to consider when transferring money

The same intermediary may have several transfer options – for example, in cash through a branch or from card to card on the site.

When chооsing an оptiоn, cоnsider:

  • hоw it is mоst cоnvenient fоr the addressee tо receive mоney – fоr example, which intermediary оffices are in his lоcality;
  • hоw much yоu need tо send – many intermediaries have limits оn the size оf оne transfer оr the amоunt оf transfers per day, mоnth;
  • hоw urgently the recipient needs the mоney – the speed оf receipt оf funds depends оn the methоd оf transfer;
  • what is the cоmmissiоn fоr the оperatiоn – оften the faster yоu need tо deliver the mоney tо the recipient, the higher the tariff.

Of cоurse, variоus prоblems when wоrking with an electrоnic services can оccur due tо the fоllоwing reasоns:

  • when transferring mоney, the user was nоt attentive enоugh and sent them tо the wrоng accоunt;
  • access tо the accоunt was lоst (the passwоrd was fоrgоtten, but it is nоt a prоblem tо recоver it);
  • the passwоrd was stоred in an insecure file and was stоlen due tо a virus entering the system;
  • the оwner оf the accоunt tоld the scammers the passwоrd.

Stay vigilant!