Everything That You Need to Know About Firestone Credit Cards

Credit Cards

If you are in the United States and looking for a probable solution to finance car maintenance and repairs, as well as, buy new tires, you can simply use the credit cards provided by the Firestone Complete Auto Care. These credit cards can be used across various Firestone locations in the United States. When it comes to using a Firestone credit card, users have admitted of experiencing far better benefits than the traditional credit card. In case you are looking for brief information regarding the Firestone credit cards, here is a guide that will discuss on the functionality, benefits of the credit card, and how you can apply for a credit card in the country.

Firestone Credit Card: An Added Financial Utility

Specifically outlined for applying at various Firestone locations, the Firestone Complete Auto Care card is a financial boost every credit card holder needs to be outfitted with. The CFNA or Credit First National Association is the third-party finance company that is used by Firestone to deliver the card. Since it is an authentic card, it will be only accepted at the Firestone locations spread all over the States. Once you apply for the card and it gets active, you can use it just like any other credit card. The best application of the Firestone credit card is for car owners who can use the card to pay the cost of car repairs and maintenance, renewal or replacement of tires and other purchases made on the card. You can spare yourself from interest charges the same way you do with your other credit cards, which is by paying off the balance each month. With over 1600 Firestone location active nationwide, you can use the Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card without an annual fee.

Rewards and Benefits

According to the recent stipulations reported by authentic sources such as Taneshaís take, the Firestone credit card is packed with great rewards including the zero-interest signature reward that the cardholders can avail on purchases of $299 or more. Using the Firestone credit cards renders users with a great amount of flexibility including the one and only simple stipulation where the cardholder has to make the minimum payment within the due date each month and pay off the entire credit card bill within six months. And just like any other credit card, if you fail to make the payments on time, you will be countered with additional fees and the crossing out of the zero-interest provision. Speaking of the value-added benefits for Firestone cardholders, there are often special pricing conferred on auto care and tire purchases. Also, the billing procedure with Firestone is completely online and users are notified with every detail through email notifications.

Who Enjoys the Most With This Credit Card?

As mentioned above, one can have the most of this card through making constant purchases at Firestone. That being said, customers who own multiple cars and require making a lot of purchase on tires and car repairs at Firestone are the ones to benefit the most with this credit card. On the other hand, customers who only make purchases sparingly at Firestone and make straight payments for their auto repairs and tires will benefit little less with the card.

Since now you have a brief idea about the various aspects of a Firestone credit card, take a look at the different steps that you need to follow for applying for a credit card in the United States:

Get Your Social Security Number

Generally speaking, in order to apply for a credit card through traditional banks, the first requirement you need to fulfill is providing them with your Social Security Number or SSN. People who are authorized to do business or work in the United States have this number and it is utilized for reporting the wages to the federal government. The number is also assigned for the purpose of identifying and evaluating the eligibility of an individual for Social Security benefits. If you are not equipped with an SSN, you have to first apply for it by filling out the SS-5 or Social Security Care form. All you need is to show your important documents that prove your age, status, and identity at the local Social Security office.

Apply for the Credit Card

When it comes to applying for a credit card, you will need to put forward the details of your permanent address. In order to boost your chances of getting approved of the credit card ownership, you can reveal your steady source of income or show the proof of your existing savings account. It is recommended to not apply for a lot of credit cards at once. You can go for the essentials, for instance, if you own a car and want to get some provision for your routine car repair and tires purchase, applying for the Firestone credit card seems to be a good option. Apart from that, while applying for a credit card; make sure that you opt for the online procedure rather than visiting a financial institute in person. This will straight away prevent the risk of a third party getting hands on your critical financial details and eliminating all sorts of identity theft.

Be Patient and Build a Credit History

Once you have applied for the credit card following the right steps, it is time to sit back and relax waiting for the approval decision. As soon as your application for the credit card gets accepted, you must start practicing to build a good credit history. Not only will it help you in managing your credit card balances, but it will also make you mindful of over expenditure, owing to the convenience of credit cards. Also, whether it is your Firestone credit card for car repairs and tire purchase or any other credit card, paying off the balances on time is of utmost importance.


Hopefully, you are fueled with the basic information required for applying for a credit card and the benefits of being a Firestone credit card holder. Just like any other credit card, Firestone cards offer you the convenience, which should be used in a positive manner.