How to Swap a Lease

How to Swap a Lease

Swap Lease

Do you want to swap the lease of your car so that you can effectively get out of it, or maybe because you want to lease a different car instead? The good news is that it is definitely a possibility – but there is a bit more involved than you might think.

If you are really interested in pursuing a lease swap, there are several steps that you should take.

Find Out If It Is Possible

Before you actually go any further, you need to make sure that it is actually possible to transfer your lease in the first place. That will depend entirely on the auto leasing contract that you signed its fine print.

Some leasing contracts may have various conditions that prevent or restrict lease transfers. The restrictions may include:

  • Not allowing any transfers under any circumstances.
  • Not allowing transfers for a fixed duration after the leasing contract is signed.
  • Requiring the original lease holder to assume a certain amount of liability.
  • Imposing a fee on any lease transfers.

Suffice to say you need to check if you can transfer your lease, and if there are any specific conditions in order to do so.

Locate a Buyer

Once you’re clear on the contract, the next thing you need to do is find a buyer that wants to purchase your lease. That part isn’t that difficult nowadays, and there are many lease trader websites that you can use to advertise your lease swap.

When you’re looking for a buyer it is important that you make sure you list all the relevant details. That includes the:

  • Car model
  • Location
  • Monthly payments
  • Mileage (both current and the miles allowed)
  • Lease conditions
  • Vehicle condition

Ideally you should take lots of pictures of the car to show its current condition from various angles. On top of that some buyers may look for an independent vehicle examination as well.

If you have difficulty locating a buyer you may want to sweeten the deal by adding incentives. That could include a cash incentive, or an offer to cover any additional fees.

Transfer the Lease

After you’ve found a buyer, you need to transfer the lease to them. That process involves quite a bit of paperwork and could take anything from 1 to 3 weeks.

To get it done the buyer will need to apply to the leasing company have the lease transferred. That normally requires the buyer to undergo a credit check, as well as other paperwork that both you and the buyer will need to sign.

Some lease swap websites may handle a lot of the lease transfer process on their end, which can simplify things. On the other hand if you’re swapping the lease privately, both the buyer and you will have to work with the leasing company on your own.

After the lease is transferred you should check whether you need to do anything once the lease ends. In some cases you will still have a certain amount of liability and may be required to settle it once the lease is done.


By this point you should know what needs to be done if you want to swap a lease – and should be able to get started. Keep in mind that if you really just want to exit your lease early, there are other options to end a lease as well.

Although some parts of swapping a lease may seem a bit complicated, it really isn’t that difficult in most cases. The fact that you know what you’re getting into should help smooth the process quite a bit.

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